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Topic: Best way to vanish an egg
Message: Posted by: fasteno (Nov 5, 2010 06:24PM)
I was looking to find the best way to vanish an egg.
My condition: can be done with jacket or without.
My first try was with F.P and sponge egg but could not find a decent sponge egg.

Any suggestion about other vanish (vanish completely)

Thanks a lot for your help

Message: Posted by: funsway (Nov 5, 2010 07:05PM)
A Topit works with a wood or celuloid egg and could be with vest. Even a "Tie Topit" would work.

the new Sponge eggs with a membrane are OK

for years I have vanished my Silk to Egg using a method called disMbody --
part of an eBook I am re-writing (needs photos) -- can't discuss here.

check out a GoGO Vanisher -- I've used it to vanish a real, raw egg and a boiled one (not in the same effects).

If you understand a Chines Egg Bag -- that prinicple can be used in reverse.

Check out Billiard Ball moves
Message: Posted by: fasteno (Nov 6, 2010 03:12AM)
Thanks funsway for the good advices appreciate
Message: Posted by: jonathandupree (Nov 6, 2010 09:00AM)
Sunny side up with a little Tony's and I can make it vanish! ;)
Message: Posted by: raywitko (Nov 6, 2010 01:56PM)
I used to use a blown egg and a devils hank. Folded the egg so they could see the form, smash it all up and flick the hank open to show it was gone. Then I would reproduce a dup. from the top of my sock.