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Topic: No clover display with Symphony of the Rings
Message: Posted by: Kevin Gardner (Nov 7, 2010 12:58PM)
I'm finally getting around to learning the fantastic, "Symphony of the Rings."

The, "Clover" display is taught in step 10, page 17, second to last paragraph, photo #13.

It's a lovely configuration, but is displaying the, "Clover" part of the routine?

Vernon performs, "Symphony of the Rings" twice on the, "Revelations" DVD you can also see his performance on the Merv Griffin Show on youtube. During these performance the, "Clover" is very briefly made but not displayed.

For example the, "Clover" is made at 1:32 on this video:

So the question is...
Should the clover configuration be noted to the audience? "Ladies and gentleman I form a lovely clover." Or is this point in routine an inappropriate time for figures?
Message: Posted by: MagicJuggler (Nov 7, 2010 01:39PM)
I really wouldn't, it would interfere with the flow of the routine to pause in the middle of a linking bit (which at that point in the routine you're linking your three, so that your rings are in the same state as his rings) Albeit, if you deliver it right it may work, but the problem you need to consider is whether it enhances the routine at that point or whether it slows down the routine. I save pointing out various figures until the last part of the routine, where you're doing several different figures in a row as you add rings, leading toward the climax.