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Topic: Sanada gimmicks
Message: Posted by: eSamuels (Dec 1, 2010 04:14PM)
For anyone looking for a Sanada gimmick - which there was quite a run on recently, because of the released work of a very clever fellow from the U.K. ;)........
Madhatter has them on special for a ridiculous price - $4

***I am in no way affiliated with Madhatter, Sanada, or the clever fellow from The U.K.
Message: Posted by: jekyllandhyde (Dec 1, 2010 06:27PM)
Tried to order 2 and had over $10 in shipping and handling fees. I'm sure you can get them much cheaper.
Message: Posted by: eSamuels (Dec 1, 2010 11:26PM)
That does seem steep! I just tried myself, and the least expensive shipping option for 2 gimmicks was even more - $11.92!

Message: Posted by: Rizzo (Dec 2, 2010 06:42AM)
Only beneficial if you add to the order. In other words buy a few more items that you need and the low prices with the postage still balances out. To buy just 1 or 2 small items, you are correct,the postage will not offset the low initial price.
Message: Posted by: King14 (Dec 2, 2010 09:24AM)
Very steeppppp
Message: Posted by: Magic Patrick (Jan 10, 2011 08:46PM)
They will get your money one way or the other. I would rather pay normal price and get free shipping than cheap price and over inflated shipping.

Message: Posted by: donny (Jan 15, 2012 06:54PM)
Working from my pockets, and not a Case, I just can't see the worthwhile use of this item. It's "vanish" is little better than an the inferred Ramsey Subtlety and it's Production most likely would require two hands or a Case to set up. Am I missing something? Who uses this?
Message: Posted by: GaryLee (Jan 15, 2012 08:35PM)
I actually use one. Great utility device in my opinion. I bought Jay Scott Berry's Cloak Device which is a modified Sanada gimmick making it capable of producing more items because of an inside flap. Great for vanishing, producing, and transformations of sponge balls, silks, currency, thumb coils, and anything you can get into it.
Message: Posted by: brody (Feb 3, 2012 07:31PM)
I use one all the time doing standup. My favorite "move" is to vanish a sponge ball, and look at the spectators with my fingers in the "C" shape. I look directly through the "C" at the spectators and look from side to side.

Unbelievably clean looking, since the gimmick is pointing at the floor, and a soft sponge ball compresses to almost nothing.
Message: Posted by: ropeadope (Mar 10, 2012 05:50PM)

Has anyone tried this?

Message: Posted by: Scott Horn (Mar 29, 2012 03:23PM)
I love the gimmick. Where could I post or look for someone to mfg a metal Sanada gimmick. It would be easy to periodically repaint it with flesh colored paint.