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Topic: Extreme Burn 2.0 Gimmick refill?
Message: Posted by: Memory-Jah (Dec 9, 2010 11:41AM)
I would like to know if Richard Sanders or anyone else offers a refill on his gimmick? I lost already 2 Coin Bites and my Wizards pk Ring, and chances are that it might happen to my Extrem Burn Gimmick as well sooner or later. Its thin and small. So do you guys have a tip for me and other people who lost the little thing? I'd highly appricate this, as I do not want to pay again 30 bucks + shipping, just for the little m****-p****. I'd like to buy like 3-5 at once and be happy for the rest of my life with those. But 1 will definately get lost sooner or later...during vacation or whatever.

Regards and thanks in advance,

Message: Posted by: Andrew Zuber (Dec 9, 2010 12:24PM)
How do you keep losing stuff? Buy a safe ;)
Message: Posted by: Memory-Jah (Dec 9, 2010 01:46PM)
Its because I lay it down here and there. Or I am on a trip with stuff. And I don't want to have everything in a small magic tricks bag. When I want to perform I want to have it immedeately and not first browse through my magic suitcase...and small stuff like the gimmick are going lost fairly easy...
Is anyone able to help me on this subject about refills?
Message: Posted by: lunatik (Dec 9, 2010 02:10PM)

It's at the bottom for $25
Message: Posted by: Memory-Jah (Dec 9, 2010 03:28PM)
Oooh perfect. 3 gimmicks in it. Great...I was already like: wth 25 Dollars for a small piece of *****?? But all in all, this sounds perfect for me having then 3 more gimmicks. Thank you very much!