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Topic: Review: Colorblind by Luke Jermay
Message: Posted by: crestfallenLyric (Dec 10, 2010 03:14AM)
I have posted this same review on talkmagic.co.uk's formus under my other username, twotonedskazn. You may view it here: [url]http://www.talkmagic.co.uk/forum46.php[/url]

Hello everyone! Today I am reviewing Luke Jermay’s Colorblind. This is my third ever magic review, the first two being Lu Chen’s Close Up!Up!Up!, and Cameron Francis’s Annhilation deck. Whether it is because of its resemblance to his Extraordinary Exhibition of Seeing with the Fingertips, or because he is/is not embroiled in some controversey, I’ve decided to give this product a shoutout because it’s fun, not difficult [so you can, as they say, focus solely on your presentation, and it can be done with a borrowed deck [using a different gimmick].

As with all my reviews, I have no affiliation with the company who makes these products I review.

The Effect
“With your eyes closed - or blindfolded - you instantly divine whether each card is RED or BLACK - with 100% accuracy. Learn 5 unique, diabolical methods to accomplish the effect.”

$30, which you can purchase at http://www.theory11.com, or any magic store such as Penguin Magic, or Tannen’s. The product comes with a DVD, and all the necessary gimmicks, so the product is entirely self contained.

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

Between a 1 or a 2, probably more around a 2 and depending on which method you use. I would say more around 2, because while it isn’t that hard, it does require a good presentation if you don’t want to make it seem like a challenge.

This is my first theory11 purchase, and I am very pleased with it. Luke Jermay seems like a nice guy even if some people on the Café and t11 don’t like him. His teaching is thorough and he makes the occasional joke to keep things light.

- Production: very beautifully produced, though theory11 does have this “artsy” tendency to sometimes blur the picture before refocusing it. Luckily it doesn’t happen during the important teaching parts, and other than that, it is wonderfully made. The menu is very simple and takes you any of the several sections so you can learn a certain method right away. I also like the soft music that plays between chapters and in the credits. There is a nice dark blue hue atmosphere that reminds me of Bullets After Dark with John Bannon.

- Effects: The effect is that you can take a deck, and using just your fingers to touch the card, “feel” for red and black, or the heat or coldness of the cards as I prefer to present it. The 2nd part allows you to merely wave your fingers well beneath the cards, and separate colors still. Lastly, you take a card selected by a spectator, and reveal more than just the color but rather the card’s full identity! Obviously, you can enlist the help of your “patient’s inner psychic abilities” to help get spec involvement, since this seems to be the biggest point of concern. The ultimate goal is, after you know the method, to really develop that “knack” to get everything in the right place and do everything smoothly.

- Teaching: Luke Jermay teaches 5 different methods. The first method is similar, if not the same, as Extraordinary Exhibition and it cannot be done with a borrowed deck, though if you have it with you you can do it impromptu. The 2nd method utilizes a gimmick I have never seen before but I know it’s an old principle – this is my preferred method and it can be used with any deck. The 3rd and 4th method are similar, and use the same gimmick in a different ways for different situations and with borrowed decks, as well as teaching you how to use a blindfold with the gimmick. You can really use the blindfold for any of the methods. Lastly, the 5th method is a completely, gimmickless method. Some people prefer this, and it is pretty good, especially if you are well versed in sleights. If you’re not, you can do it another way which is less “glamourous” as he states it but it is still cool nonetheless.

Overall: 8.5/10. This is a very fun effect that you can make deeply personal if you put in the proper presentation and time into making it less of a challenge and more of an “experience” for the spectator. Not only do specs seem to enjoy it [as long as you don’t prolong it!], but I enjoy recording myself and watching me do it, since it almost looks like magic to me.

Pros: solid production and teaching from theory11 and Mr. Jermay, a fun effect if you like it and are willing to spend time on the scripting and presentation. The extra gimmicks that come with this are something you may or may not have, and can be easily used. It is well hidden, easy to get in and out, and you will hardly know you’re carrying it.

Cons: Can easily become tedious or more of a “challenge for the spec” if not presented properly, obviously if you aren’t into this effect, your spectator won’t be either if you don’t present it personally. Also, it is similar to Extraorindary Exhibition and doesn’t have Mr. Jermays’ OOTW effect which you can do afterwards.

Feel free to ask questions!
Message: Posted by: bond19 (Sep 14, 2013 03:46AM)
Yeh... Buy it and support the guy who worked hard to perfect the routines, and then just as hard to film and distribute the product.