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Topic: Help me learn , Please
Message: Posted by: The Baldini (Dec 13, 2010 07:49PM)
I have never tried sponge balls, so I am asking , where is the best place to start and learn. Many thanks Dave
Message: Posted by: Mr. Mystoffelees (Dec 13, 2010 08:33PM)
Penguin Magic has a DVD by Jay Noblezada (sp.) that I think has a lot to offer for a start up routine and good instruction on the sleights. For me, the visit to the "master" was worth the price...

If you get into sponge balls, you will no doubt really appreciate the magic within. My follow up choice would be Bill Malone's sponge ball work- very good...

Message: Posted by: cupsandballsmagic (Dec 13, 2010 08:44PM)

You wont find a better resource anywhere than Etienne's epic post on this thread:

Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Dec 13, 2010 10:16PM)
On 2010-12-13 20:49, dave wrote:
I have never tried sponge balls, so I am asking , where is the best place to start and learn. Many thanks Dave

What kind of a magical background do you have so far? Do you do any work with coins, particularly sleight of hand?
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Dec 14, 2010 12:28AM)
I wish Frank Garcia had lived long enough to record his sponge ball lecture on DVD. His ideas were very simple but effective.
Message: Posted by: The Baldini (Dec 14, 2010 05:36AM)
Thanks to all, I will pick up and study all that has been recommended, my experience in magic goes back over 30 years and like most started out with a box of magic given a present, almost all I do has been mentalism and bizarre, I have basic sleight of hand knowledge. I am looking now to go back to fun old magic, for two reasons, one personal fun and knowledge and two, I have been doing trade shows and using off the shelf stuff with the theme and patter to go with my client and their product, I thought this would be a short run gig, but is expanding, so now I have to expand, I like to do effects that I like to see , I have always loved watching a sponge ball effect, so now I need to learn and then incorporate it it to fit my style, many thanks to all. Dave
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Dec 14, 2010 04:06PM)
Hello Dave:

My favorite sources for sponge ball material are two booklets available from Magic, Inc. One is a small booklet by Frank Garcia, originally published by Gene Gordon. The other is [i]The Sponge Book[/i].
Message: Posted by: Sir Richard (Dec 14, 2010 04:51PM)
I have sponge balls. I don't tell everybody that but you guys look okay...!

Sir Richard.
Message: Posted by: Denis Bastible (Dec 14, 2010 06:21PM)
The Frank Garcia (Gene Gordon) booklet is "Sponge Balls- Moves, Routines, Ideas".
Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Dec 14, 2010 07:41PM)
Pat Page material is as good as it gets.
Message: Posted by: Michael Peterson (Dec 16, 2010 08:02PM)
Bill Tarr, Now You See It Now You Don't & The Mark Wilson course in magic are good places to start.

Reel Magic Quarterly Episode 4 has an excellent routine by Bill Malone,it's an excellent routine.

Message: Posted by: Perseus Arkomanis (Dec 16, 2010 08:29PM)
Sponge ball tool box by Steve Dacri...that's a treasure!A great Dvd!
Message: Posted by: Denis Bastible (Dec 17, 2010 06:10AM)
Magic by Gosh has the complete Al Goshman sponge ball routine- and much more
Message: Posted by: Alan Munro (Dec 23, 2010 08:59AM)
On 2010-12-16 21:29, demonmagic wrote:
Sponge ball tool box by Steve Dacri...that's a treasure!A great Dvd!
I learned my present routine by reverse engineering his "Marsians" routine. If I had to recommend a teacher of sponge ball magic, Steve Dacri would be the guy.
Message: Posted by: Lawrence O (Dec 24, 2010 04:01AM)
Go to Dariel Fitzkee's trick brain where he lists effects: do a sequence packed with effects properly linking into one another and off the beaten path. Then take any of the modern DVDs for the technical solutions. Then write a non descriptive script.

In other words don't start with methods and sleights, start with effects, showmanship and entertainment.
Message: Posted by: Woland (Dec 24, 2010 08:04AM)
Lawrence O,

Thank you for that suggestion. That's exactly how the younger Mr. Sands describes the technique George Sands used to create his rope routines (and other magic routines): start out with the script for the magic you desire to perform, and THEN figure out how to make the effects happen.

Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Dec 24, 2010 11:55AM)
Etienne, you have hit the proverbial nail right on the proverbial head.

The best work you can do in any routine is to figure out what you want to happen, then have that happen. Don't use someone else's model. It probably won't fit you as well as your own.

Go for the punch instead of being consistent with someone else's work.

This was the difference between the way Punx created his material and Borodin created his. Punx usually started with a trick and worked outward to a story. Borodin started with the story and worked out the trick.
Message: Posted by: Angio333 (Dec 28, 2010 05:08PM)
The DVD "Sponge" by Jay Noblezada
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Dec 28, 2010 07:49PM)
Not the best, as we have discussed here and elsewhere.
Message: Posted by: Lawrence O (Dec 29, 2010 12:33AM)
World's Greatest Magic By The World's Greatest Magicians Sponge Ball - This benchmark collection features just about all of magicís most enduring and classic sponge effects and routines (except for Magic Ian's diminishing sponge balls and Bill Malone's take on the multiplying sponge balls). Itís a great compendium with many of the top masters in the world of magic teaching their handlings and routines. This variety should avoid newbies lavishly copying one performer's routine.
In this volume of the series, we discover a virtual encyclopedia of sponge ball magic. Routines from thirteen of the best sponge ball workers of all time have been collected in one place for the first time, making this DVD the most comprehensive reference work on performing magic with sponge balls ever produced. Many unique vanishes, moves and stratagems are taught allowing us to build our own routine or to plug into the routine we already do.
Message: Posted by: jimvines (Jan 4, 2011 08:02AM)
Dave, how could you be in magic 30 years and not have done the sponge balls ;-) Seriously though, it's one of the greatest effects and packs the strongest punch imaginable, if you do it right. Take some sponge balls with you into a bar, find some people who are having a good time, and do the trick on the prettiest woman in the group - and they will literally scream and beg you to do more! Have fun...
Message: Posted by: The Baldini (Jan 4, 2011 08:11AM)
Hey Jim, have you ever really pulled a rabbit out of a hat, just kidding here too, but with the thousands of magi here on the Cafť, not everyone has done everything, I have always done Bizarre and mentalism, with a short stint of stage illusion, recentlly I was at my local magic shop and they were playing with sponge balls, while driving home it hit me to try it.
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Jan 4, 2011 12:04PM)
Here is some thoughts for performing the sponge balls in restaurants, etc.

1) Use sponge cubes. They won't roll off the table. If they get dropped, they won't go far.

2) In this day of Purell, etc., some people find them frightening. They don't want to hold a set of grubby pieces of polyfoam.

3) Once you figure out the routine you want to do, order them in wholesale quantities.
Message: Posted by: The Baldini (Jan 4, 2011 12:15PM)
Thanks Bill, some great advise.
Message: Posted by: J.G. the magnificent (Jan 4, 2011 01:34PM)
Mark Wilson's routine and the one taught on 25 Amazing Magic Tricks With Sponge Balls Mastered in Minutes Video Library By: Hampton Ridge magic Creations Inc 1995. The only two I have ever learned, though I could always learn more.