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Topic: Tenyo - telltale sounds
Message: Posted by: cyberdave03 (Dec 17, 2010 11:45PM)
There have been several topics in this forum dealing with groupings of the Tenyo tricks: worst, best, examinable, etc. But an offbeat, though important one would be which tricks can you think of that visually look great, but have sounds associated with the mechanisms that could disclose the secret to a discerning spectator, and how do you cover for them? I'll start:

The Impossible Pen. This one has two sounds: the sound of the pen exiting the inner frame (which can be explained as the sound of the pen penetrating the cover), and the sound of the pen "dropping" into the box - much harder to cover for (get the pun:-).

The Crystal Pyramid (AKA Coin in the Crypt). The sound the mechanism makes with the transfer of the coin almost ruins the whole thing.

Super Spike (AKA Dark Dagger). The sound the coin(s) make as the the slide is pushed. I try to explain this as the sound of the coin passing through the dagger, but I always fear this will tip someone off as to how it's done.
Message: Posted by: J M Talbot (Dec 18, 2010 02:22PM)
The great Dealer Al Cohen had a famous line... "listen you can hear the magic happening!"
Message: Posted by: dragonash (Dec 18, 2010 04:12PM)
The late Paul Diamond said not to worry about the talking because you're talking too. It's just another noise.
Message: Posted by: Merc Man (Dec 19, 2010 08:16AM)
On 2010-12-18 15:22, J M Talbot wrote:
The great Dealer Al Cohen had a famous line... "listen you can hear the magic happening!"

:) PRICELESS!!!! :)
Message: Posted by: Killertweety (Dec 19, 2010 09:24AM)
Crystal Cleaver: I 'slam' the tower on it and this disguises the box popping up :)
Message: Posted by: stereo (Dec 19, 2010 12:24PM)
For crystal pyramid just perform slowly and put a little square of foam in the box.
Message: Posted by: cyberdave03 (Mar 21, 2011 12:15PM)
From what I've read at Penquinmagic forums, you can add Mini morphosis to the list. They weren't too keen on it due to a clunking sound with the "move". (I don't have it, but I'm not sure a clunking sound gives away the trick).
Message: Posted by: dragonash (Apr 5, 2011 08:24PM)
I disagree about Mini Morphosis. The sound gives away when the magic happens, but not how. Why does it matter if people can hear the balls move?
Message: Posted by: cyberdave03 (Apr 7, 2011 11:10AM)
As I said in my post, I'm not certain the clunking sound would actually give away the trick in Mini-morphosis. On the other hand, I can see their point, as the desired effect of this trick is the magical transposition of 2 foam balls, so an audible clunking sound would certainly be out of place and might start spectators thinking on the path to discovery.
Message: Posted by: cyberdave03 (Apr 22, 2011 10:47AM)
Add Excalibur to the list. Killertweety wrote:

"Excalibur is a good trick when it works, however the noise gives it away and makes it hard to perform without giving away the secret."

On a different forum, one person wrote (about a different trick), "this trick is afflicted with 'Tenyo noise'".
Message: Posted by: stereo (Apr 22, 2011 10:54AM)
In fact the mecanism do not make any sound in Excalibur, it's the coin sliding wich make noise.
Message: Posted by: Killertweety (Apr 22, 2011 11:44AM)
The mechanism is moving the coins Stereo? There is no other 'mechanism' I think.
Message: Posted by: Houdini103126 (May 11, 2011 12:51AM)
Often "dampening" materials (foam/grease) as Stereo mentioned can mute Tenyo noise.

There is always a trade-off to mass production and price point, I'm pretty sure Tenyo inventors knew more discriminating customers would take such "enhancement" measures into consideration and apply as needed. In other words, if someone wanted to make the trick more "presentable", magicians think alike, folks would be resourceful enough to mitigate any unpleasant artifacts from their tricks, such as noise.

This being said, another fine line is not ruining the trick with alterations, or purchasing a "working" trick for performances.

Interesting topic.
Message: Posted by: J M Talbot (May 11, 2011 02:02PM)
I think what Stereo is saying is that in Excalibur there is no "mechanism" so to speak. One set of "c^%$s" is sliding while being replaced by another set of c&^%s. In my mind the sound in this effect is covered as the sword is "moving through the c#$%s" so some noise is expalainable.