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Topic: Silk effect question ...
Message: Posted by: Bobcape (Jul 22, 2003 12:48AM)
Several years ago a magician/friend showed me an effect that I've forgotten how to perform. He used a rolled up piece of paper, about the size of a papertowel tube. He opened out the paper to show it empty and then pushed several colored silks into the tube. Razzle-dazzle, he unrolled the tube and they're gone. Another razzle-dazzle and he pulled out a 10 to 15 foot streamer. Now I know the standard method, but he was able to show both sides of the unrolled paper each time. Can anyone help me with this effect? You can PM or email me. Thank you very much for your help.
Message: Posted by: Don Wilson (Aug 5, 2003 05:50PM)
It sounds like an effect from the 40's or so, called TAP A COLOR. The effect (from the instructions):
A piece of light card board is shown on both sides. It is rolled into a tube shape. the tube is moved back and forth several times so the audience can get a glimpse of the inside. Two white hanks are poked into one end of the tube. The tube is tapped with the hand until the silks emerge from the other end dyed a different color."
Mine is 8 1/2 x 11" with a 2 1/2 small tube attached to one corner near the top of the sheet. It can be rolled back and forth so it can covered with the hand to be able to show both sides of the sheet. The sheet rolls up automatically covering the inside load tube.
Hope this helps. Don Wilson
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Aug 6, 2003 04:13PM)
Bob: There is a similiar effect called "Duke's Dye Version". Several colored silks are pushed into the tube and emerge from the other end as a 15' streamer. I've never seen anyone perform it by unrolling the tube but I can see how it is possible. I purchased mine many years ago from Abbott's.
Message: Posted by: Bobcape (Aug 6, 2003 04:49PM)
Thank you Don and Dave! Duke's Dye Version (DDV) was the name of it, I couldn't remember it for anything. But my friend performed it so he could unroll and show both sides as "empty" and produce the 15' streamer. I thought the standard DDV only allowed you to show one side as empty. Any ideas on what I'm missing here? Thanks again.
Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Aug 15, 2003 07:29AM)
Bob, Dukes Dye Version cannot be opened at the first. It starts with the paper tube rolled up and with five hanks inside. The five silks are taken out one at a time and the tube “flashed” empty toward the audience. No one gets to look inside! The tube is not opened out flat until after the production of the 12 inch by 25-foot streamer. Still in all a good, stage filling trick. I produce a rabbit from the gathered streamer (just after the helper spectators have returned to their seats).

Pavel has a similar trick. The tube can be shown open and empty (unrolled) before and after a production. I believe that Pavel uses the tube for several different marketed tricks. You may be thinking of one of his versions

You can easily adapt Duke’s Dye Version to a Pavel tube.
Message: Posted by: Bobcape (Aug 15, 2003 09:12AM)
Thanks Harry, that sounds like the version I'm looking for. Do you have any idea where I can find one? Or how to modify a Duke's Dye Version to a Pavel Tube? Thanks for the help.
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Aug 9, 2004 05:39PM)

Hardly a timely response, but I use a Chinese Egg Bag (bamboo place mat) and a very large dye tube (3.5" x 2.5"). I also use much larger loads. (24" x 36" flag)

The price is right: a place mat and an old plastic bottle. I figure it was $2.00 tops!

Good Luck!

Bob Sanders
Magic By Sander
Message: Posted by: Jimmy Joza (Aug 9, 2004 07:14PM)
Better late than never, Bob. I appreciate your suggestion as I'm sure the other Bob (who posted the question) does. That gives me another use for the mat that comes with Dick Barry's Singing Bird Production --- all I have to do is g*****k a holder and then perform Duke's Dye Version. As for Pavel's tube, I have one in my possession and another one on the way (not only as backup but for other routines I am working on). The cost of one is approximately $65 because they are hand made and not mass produced. You can order one but realize it may take a few weeks to get. The information is:

Pavel-MAGIC America
c/o John Little Agency
3781 Green Ave. # 4
Los Alamitos, CA 90720
phone: (562) 493-8793
email: jjliv@aol.com

Take care,

Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Aug 9, 2004 10:27PM)

Once I really started substitution of a bamboo place mat for a piece of paper, there were a lot of trick modifications that fit right in. Back lighting is no longer a problem either.


Bob Sanders
Magic By Sander