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Topic: Card to mouth presentation ideas
Message: Posted by: Magic1 (Dec 26, 2010 01:04PM)
I love the effect card-to-mouth. I first fell in love with it watching a black street magician just outside of Faneuil Hall in Boston doing it. He taught me the basics right there (what a nice guy) and I have done it ever since. I know that many think it is a gross trick- but I have performed it both on the street and sophisticated venues and it almost never gets a "oh that's gross" reaction. Maybe it's just how I present it.

I have tried various presentations over the years- but right now I'm doing a much more generic and basic "I'd like to show you the world's most dangerous card trick- nine people have died helping magicians with this trick.. etc." and then (it's a comedy line) I have them pick a card, sign it (although lately I have been doing it in my hands where they only touch the pen, not the cards- in order to cut down on my exposure to their (the older I get (I'm in my 30's) the more I stay away from catching a cold)

Anyway, it's very basic- the card goes in the middle, I control it to the top ("I will find your card not with my eyes, not with my hand, but with my mouth. I get three tries- if I get it right, say 'yes,' if I don't say 'no.'") I try twice and miss. I look at the deck (small moment of doubt) Riffle the deck. Let my eyes follow the motion of the riffle upward (as if somehow the card is traveling up into the air from the deck and then I (in a mysterious way, as if I don't quite know what's going on) "feel" it appearing. it's a half-second of panic, which then resolves in the card coming from my mouth. [I feel that I have been inspired by Imam's balls to mouth- he was such a great magician]

Right now (it's a somewhat, but not overly, dramatic piece) I end with a somewhat cute line- if it's the three of clubs I will, with the back of the card to the audience say "it's weird how guys named Charlie (that's a cool moment because there is no way I could know what they wrote unless that is the right card) always end up at the coolest clubs." Actually, I usually have them sign their birth-sign (because I ask their name at the start of the trick- so their name is not a good reveal at the end. I wonder what else I could have them write on the card as an identifier that leads to a dramatic revelation] So I usually say "it's weird how Taurus' always end up with all the diamonds/always have so much heart" and then I flip, reveal, boomerang the card, applause cue, and move into my next effect.

Regardless of what people's taste preference is, it is STRONG magic. People are shocked and stunned when that card comes out of your mouth. I know Simon Lovell does a sort of gross-out (but funny) comedy thing. Jon Allen's "Silent Treatment." But can anyone help me with other ideas of how to make one of my favorite tricks seem a little less "pick a card, sign it, I'm going to find it with my mouth, 1 (no), 2 (no), 3 (whoa it's in his mouth!)

Also interested in what they can write on the card. Cool things to say during the down-time while they are signing their card (I'm sick of hearing myself say "that will make sure that your card is different than any other card in the world"/ have also tried the pin-code to your ATM card joke). Thoughts about doing tricks where you hold the cards instead of them/germs. Thoughts about "frames" for this presentation (the "why?") and ideas for my closing line about "it's weird how _____, get all the diamonds, end up at the clubs, have so much heart,_____ spades?" [I don't have one for spades]

As always, let's keep this flame free. I appreciate your help!