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Topic: Vanish into pocket
Message: Posted by: J.G. the magnificent (Jan 4, 2011 01:26PM)
In thining about the beggining of my sponge ball routine I realized it's flaw. Most of the time I can fool people but not always. Mostly adults are the ones that catch me. The beginning starts like the Mark Wilson routine. The ball vanishes into the pocket. In the book it says to point to the other hand displaying it's position. Keeping it there untill the appearance into the pocket. I saw this as incorrect as I have read and even realized. You should let your actions speak not pointing as if to hide it's position elswear. That you instead should give a reason for the transfer or take by grabbing another object. Adjusting your clothes, scratching or whatever.

In this routine though that is possible he does not say to do any of that. I don't use a wand and couldn't think of any other motion and in seeing the pointing as incorrect I simply dropped my hand to my waist. I just realized that because the routine does not use wands or anything is why he points. That and the main reason I beleive is that he calls for a production at the start. This is done at the fingertips. Who vanishes a ball at the fingertips? No one so he transfers it being the reason for the transfer. I overlooked the production part at first. I have realized that this is a key part. Perhaps not to produce it from the air but when pulling it from there of the pocket to have it at the fingertips. Giving a reason to transfer the bal. I wish I could find a video of his routine on youtube. That could be helpful as to his timing.

Thoughts or corrections?
Message: Posted by: 55Hudson (Jan 4, 2011 10:05PM)

I'm traveling and don't have my copy of Wilson with me, but will give a couple of general suggestions.

1. The best thing about sponge balls is that the magic happens in hands of the audience. Make sure you don't keep all the action in your hands!

2. Have a motivation for every action/motion you make. Every motion. Picking up a wand, putting it down, transferring the ball to your other hand so you can pick up a ball or wand - all need to be logical moves that you would make if your were not a magician. Regardings wands, they are always available - a wand, a pen, a straw - doesn't matter what, but gives you cover and motivation for a transfer.

3. Get so good at your false transfer that you fool yourself. Practice, practice, practice. Test yourself - here's how: make a list from 1 to 10, randomly write down Next to each number either T of FT. Video tape yourself, following the order on your list, doing false and real transfers. Wait till the next day. See how many times you correctly tell which was real and which was false. When you can no longer differentiate between the two, then you will be ready!

Good luck!

Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Jan 5, 2011 12:07AM)
Some magicians think that "the point" is one of the least logical gestures you can make. Why? Because it shows that you are ashamed that you didn't really put the ball in that hand, so you are trying to cover for yourself.
Message: Posted by: carbone1853 (Jan 5, 2011 12:21AM)
There are many ways to accomplish the vanish to the pocket. Mark Wilson describes one, you sugest some others. With out seing you, my guess is that you are performing the vanish to pocket to slowly. This vanish works best if you do it at a rapid pace (but NOT rushed) after the vanish. You should be pulling the sponge out of the pocket in 2 to 3 seconds. This will take practice to do it fast with out looking rushed. Also, you should be looking (very intently) at the vanishing hand from the time the ball vanishes until it is removed from the pocket. Practice this till you can do it smoothly in 2-3 seconds then watch your self do it on video. The goal is to get the audience to "see" in their minds eye the ball travailing invisibly to you pocket. If you are doing this correctly you will hardly notice your other hand (the point hand).

This is a very fundamental slight of hand illusion. You cannot spend enough time on this. Even after many years I still work on this.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.
Message: Posted by: J.G. the magnificent (Jan 5, 2011 09:16AM)
I do try to do those things and from what I have been told by Bill. After he watched by video I am too quick. Working on it even modified my routine a bit since then. http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=383375&forum=6
Message: Posted by: 8thking (Jan 5, 2011 12:11PM)
You need to have an internal script and dialog so the audience pick up on what you are thinking and not what you are trying to make them think like a color change if you believe you'r hand is empty you don't have to point and then YOU become surprised when it is a diferent color and THEN the audience picks up on that Cardini was good at this so study him
Message: Posted by: carbone1853 (Jan 5, 2011 09:07PM)
J.G. I watched your video. Bill is right you false transfer is a bit fast, but it is not crazy fast.
After seing your vid, I revise my advice.

Perform more, worry less.

Have fun
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Jan 6, 2011 01:12AM)
Basically, I'm trying to get Jeremy into the habit of using both a silent script and a count. I think he is catching on.

Jeremy is a very dedicated magic student.