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Topic: The Magic Lounge in San Diego Thurs/Fri nights!!
Message: Posted by: serge storms (Jan 5, 2011 11:56PM)
Starting Jan 6/7 (Thurs & Fri nights) 2011 The Magic Lounge at the Rock Bottom in San Diego's historic gaslamp downtown area will feature close-up magicians and 2 live stand-up shows weekly.
Magic Mike Stilwell, Joe Mystic and Terry Lunceford 3 of San Diego's best known magicians will be performing along with other guest performers.
Close-up and behind the bar performances will be on-going during the night leading up to an early stand-up show around 7ish or so, followed by a second stand-up show a little later around 8:30 or 9ish or so.
At the time of this posting, this is supposed to be a regular event every Thursday and Friday night at The Rock Bottom in downtown San Diego. I believe the cost to get in is $10.00 which is incredibly inexpensive for the entertainment value.
If you're in the southern California area, stop by to check it out.
Magic Mike Stilwell can be contacted at his email for more info at magicmikeofsd@aol.com
I am not one of the performers but did hear about it direct from Mike and wanted to pass the word on-