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Topic: How long for a brass cup to age nicely?
Message: Posted by: BobMc (Jan 6, 2011 12:26PM)
I have mostly copper sets of cups, and 2 sets of brass. No surprise here, but the brass cups aren't aging as beautifully as copper as quickly as copper. But I suspect they will age quite nicely some day. Any input on how long that will typically take? Outside of some chemicals, anything else I could do to expedite the process besides handling them as much as possible? Any thoughts on the impact of water on brass cups?
Message: Posted by: RS1963 (Jan 6, 2011 01:55PM)
I have never cared for the patina on brass cups. It doesn't look as nice as it does on copper cups. The brass sets I have I try to keep polished. I'm sure you have seen brass door knobs that have a dark patina on them They aren't that attractive. It's the same for the cups. That's my feeling anyway.
Message: Posted by: BCS (Jan 6, 2011 02:10PM)
On another posting here at the Café, Frank had some pictures of Johnson brass Cups that had turned… I thought that they looked pretty good.
I never seem to be able to last them out and end up polishing my brass Cups.

Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Jan 6, 2011 02:17PM)
I have a brass Little Don Alan cup that has patinized beautifully. It did it on its own, took about 9 months or so. The surface was highly polished in the first place, which I think helps with the way it looks. They have to get past that sickly green color and devlop into an almost dark olive patina.
Message: Posted by: Mobius303 (Jan 6, 2011 03:35PM)
David Williamson is using a set of Brass Patina Sherwoods in a youtube video and they look really nice.
It is the one with Carny.