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Topic: The Crystal Box
Message: Posted by: Dayanara (Apr 19, 2002 09:07PM)
Forgive me if you've heard one like this before, but I though of it as an invention of my own.

I call it the Crystal Box. A large box, made out of glass, held together with ornate gold trim (maybe antiqued, to look like you got it out of your grandpa's attic). A trapdoor in the floor, to go over a trapdoor in the stage.

I haven't quite thought of presentation. Obviously, the box is meant to be big enough to make people appear. I would probably cover it with a gold cloth, and then make up a rhyme for the person I was producing.

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Message: Posted by: Alan Wheeler (Apr 20, 2002 04:55AM)
I like the idea of a glass case--crystal box, rather. Maybe you could make your grandpa appear at the end of a whole act using things from his attic!


Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Apr 20, 2002 10:26AM)
Welcome young (and beautiful) Tina! I am so glad to see some thinking and performing youngsters getting seriously into magic. Especially female youngsters!

Your effect has been done in one form or another before. But no worries! Build it and perform it anyway! Your method may be unique (or may not but who cares!).

I doubt if I would set the glass chest on the floor and use a trap. Few venues have traps anymore. I think that I would build a table to sit it on. The table would do the dirty work.

I love the idea of a female magician using male assistants. Especially if they can be made to look bigger than they are!

Personally, I will keep checking your web site to see if you are going to be performing anywhere near me (I do a bit of traveling so that can be anywhere!) so that I can catch your act!

In the light of the Goddess!
Message: Posted by: Illusionist (Jul 23, 2002 10:55PM)
Yes, the trap door thing has been done to death. BUT... this is one of the strongest Illusion gimmicks I know of if you use it properly.

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