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Topic: Magic Apps for iPhone
Message: Posted by: hoodrat (Jan 8, 2011 09:56PM)
I am really, really impressed with the quality of the apps these creative developers are putting out onto iTunes for sale. I just bought Magic SMS, iPredict, and Mental Killer earlier today. Very well-done and deceptive apps, and although I haven't yet used them on anybody, I am sure that they will get great reactions. The first test-case will be tomorrow when a buddy of mine is coming over to my place to hang out. He believes in psychics, too, so I am sure he will be blown away by these apps when I use them on him.
Message: Posted by: Greg Rostami (Jan 9, 2011 02:31AM)
I'm sure you'll blow him away . . .

Just keep in mind NOT to perform as a "magic trick". The more casual you keep the performance the better the reactions, when it comes to the psychic plot.

Introduce your psychic, and then as an afterthought, bring out your iPhone. I'm sure you've already seen these videos, but here's a performance where the girl didn't know who I am and what I do:

I just told her, "I've been amazed at the abilities of this psychic that I just met."

And, no matter what your friend says, DO NOT repeat the effect . . .

have fun,
Greg Rostami
Message: Posted by: hoodrat (Jan 11, 2011 12:22AM)
Have I gone too far? I used the "Mental Killer" app yesterday on a buddy of mine named Matthew. My buddy belongs to a New Thought Church, and he readily believes in psychics. And ghosts, too. The minister at his New Thought Church is also a psychic who can supposedly talk to spirits, etc.. He came over to my place yesterday to help me with some projects. Towards the end of the evening, I told him about this cute psychic I met last week named Samantha Burke. I told him she was kind of "non-conventional" in how she dressed and groomed herself. Anyway, I told him to take any card out of a deck of cards that I had given him. I said that we'd call her and see if she would be able to discern what card he had selected. Matthew chose the 8 of Diamonds. I called Samantha's phone number on my iPhone 4 and let it ring four times. As it was ringing on speakerphone, I told him that he could talk to her when she answered. I told him to tell her he was a friend of mine, etc.. Of course, Sam's answering machine picked up and we listened to her message. My buddy heard her outgoing message mention his card, the 8 of Diamonds! He was shocked! After the beep, I left Samantha a message and told her to call me back. Matthew was totally shell-shocked! He kept asking me, "I know you are a magician. Is this one of your tricks?" I replied, "Yeah, right -- how I am going to fake a phone call like that when it was on speakerphone? You heard the rings, you heard her answering machine." The clincher was that Matthew said, "Yeah, I even heard the beep after her message." I guess the beep makes it all seem that much more real (hahaha). Anyway, he was pretty impressed with Samantha's abilities and (I think) a bit envious that I had met her a week ago.

Now this is where I might've taken this a bit too far. After Matthew left my place, I got on my computer and went to intelius.com. I did a People Search using his name. I knew he lived in Georgia most of his life before moving out here to California about four years ago. There were a lot of people with his same name in Georgia when the search results came up. I scrolled through them all and found the one listing that pertained to him. I found this by looking for his wife's name. Intelius' website will list people that you're searching for and then also list possible relatives as well as previous cities or towns that person might've lived in. All this is FREE by the way. I found my buddy's name by locating his wife's name in the "Possible Relatives" column. There were four or five other names (all female, coincidentally) listed under her name which, I assumed, were possible female relatives of my buddy Matthew. So...I sent him an email later that night and this is what I wrote to him:


Samantha Burke just called me back. Yeah, she had a dream last night about
that playing card you chose being in her purse. She wasn't surprised the card was
yours. I said, "How do you do that?" She doesn't know how.

I told her about you. She was intrigued about our recent hiking expeditions.
I asked her to give me any psychic impressions about you she might have.
She wasn't feeling that great this evening due to a cold, so all she "saw"
were some names that had some kind of significance to you. She mentioned
someone name Mary Christ (?), Jennifer, and a Nina or a Nancy. She wasn't
sure on that one. She also kept seeing something about a place or person
called Loola that had a strong pull for you in a way. Probably nothing but
nonsense, I know. She's a bit crazy, that's for sure!!

Well, that's the latest.


This is what my buddy wrote back to me this morning:

Frank, I hope you're not pulling my chain, because this is crazy!!! She just
named three close relatives and the town of our Georgia house! My mom is Nancy,
Sunny's mom is Mary, and my sister is Jenny and Sunny's sister is Jennifer!!
Our house back East is located in the small town of 'Lula', GA!! This is
really crazy. And she didn't seem to be too surprised??

I definitely want to meet her. I posted this on Facebook and Karen, our
minister who is psychic, says we should have her in our psychic fair. I'd
have to agree, if she's this in-tune!! I'd love to have this kind of gift,
what a cool thing. I don't think she's crazy.

I was kind of shocked that his minister (a supposed psychic) wants to have "Samantha Burke" in their church's psychic fair! I didn't expect Matthew to post this story onto his Facebook page like he did. I'm sure others in his church as well as other friends who "believe" are going to be inquiring, etc.. Like I said, he (and they) really believe in psychics 100%. Have I gone too far with this? I must admit that I feel "guilty" about duping somebody like this -- especially a friend who, I believe, is a bit gullible. I'm not going to bring it up again and just let it go. In fact, I talked to him tonight on the phone about an upcoming trip, and he didn't ask me about Samantha or anything. Probably is best to let it go, let him think that I do know somebody who is truly psychic, and that's that.

Sorry this was a bit long-winded, but I wanted to tell the story so that others can appreciate it. If you have any comments, please join in!

Great effect, by the way. Mental Killer is AWESOME!
Message: Posted by: kissdadookie (Jan 11, 2011 12:52PM)
Should've taken it one step further by using a Google Voice number that corresponds to Sam, get a girl to call, and spill all that information over the phone with your friend :P
Message: Posted by: Angelo Carbone (Jan 11, 2011 03:28PM)
Very good story about Mental Killer. Hope you are enjoying Magic SMS Hoodrat.