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Topic: Dai Vernon's Revelations on DVD from L&L
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Jul 25, 2003 11:59PM)
I was just given this set of DVD's for my birthday. What a wonderful present!

I knew the Professor, so watching various parts of these DVD's was truly heartwarming for me. In a way, it was like having Dai Vernon, himself, sitting in your den, telling you stories about various things he did and saw in the past.

On these videos, you will also see Michael Ammar, Gary Oulette and Steve Freeman, as they interview the Professor and bask in his wisdom.

There are lots of stories and lots of practical demonstrations of technique, as well as performances by the various folks I have mentioned.

There are 17 volumes of material on 8 DVD's in all.

They will appeal particularly to those who knew Vernon and who would like to hear him talk about his friends and magic.

There is a lot of theory on these videos, also.

Are they worth the money? You bet! Are they for everyone? That depends on your stage of development.

They are definitely for me.