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Topic: Dumbstruck documentary to have theatrical release in March
Message: Posted by: stevezany (Jan 14, 2011 10:05AM)
Message: Posted by: Dickens & Dave (Jan 14, 2011 10:48AM)
I'm glad to see they are actually planning to release it on DVD.
Message: Posted by: Dickens & Dave (Jul 18, 2011 08:24PM)
Soon, I'll get to see this for myself. While everyone else was off at the convention having a grand old time and buying really cool stuff in the dealer's room, I bought the Dumbstruck DVD on ebay.
Message: Posted by: Bob Baker (Jul 18, 2011 10:08PM)
Mine shipped from Amazon.com and is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I guess I know what I'm doing tomorrow night!

Message: Posted by: Dickens & Dave (Jul 20, 2011 10:07PM)
My "Dumbstruck" DVD arrived today and I watched it tonite.
I always kind of grit my teeth when watching a new anything about vent, waiting to see how it's going to be portrayed, but I don't think it portrayed it negatively at all.
One underlying negative though that did stand out, which of course just doesn't apply to vents, but anyone trying to make it in the entertainment business - it's a tough road and tough on family life. Most people have some concept of that, but that message really stood out in this film.
But other than that, I didn't see anything that was negative for vent (other than stuff some of us know, like family not getting it, why.....), and I enjoyed it.
Message: Posted by: Servante (Jul 20, 2011 10:17PM)
All my life my parents hoped I'd "get over" that "showbusiness thing." When I started making a better living with it than they were making, they shut up about it. A little bit. And that's the way it goes, eh? :)

Message: Posted by: Dickens & Dave (Jul 20, 2011 10:27PM)
You would think that's the way it goes for most, once they are making a good living at it, family would change, but for a couple people in that film, that didn't seem to be the case (I'd be more specific, but I don't want to be telling stuff to people who haven't seen it yet).
Message: Posted by: Servante (Jul 20, 2011 10:33PM)
I need to get that. I'll check locally first. I do remember that, in one clip I saw, a vent's mom rolled her eyes and said something to the effect that she wished her daughter would "get over it." :-(

Message: Posted by: Dickens & Dave (Jul 20, 2011 10:39PM)
It's much cheaper on ebay, I got it for about half the price it would have cost me through Amazon.
Message: Posted by: Servante (Jul 20, 2011 10:48PM)
Good point. :)
Message: Posted by: Bob Baker (Jul 22, 2011 05:47PM)
I finished watching it today and enjoyed it very much, especially after having just attended the ConVENTion. It was fun seeing a lot of familiar faces and places. The movie is less about vent than the people who do it, though snippets of every one of the featured vents' acts are included.

Highly recommended.