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Message: Posted by: fib (Jan 15, 2011 11:18AM)
I've noticed many people hold the latest portable technology -- Iphones, etc.-- in the palm of their hands -- like a deck of cards. It occurred to me that doing a card routine and incorporating the look of holding the new technology would be the source of some good fun: along with misdirection.
You can slide your fingers up and down and across as if scanning and moving images -- and becoming transfixed at images, which no one else can see. You can take a call, of course. Poke at the deck with your finger. Even attach earphones. Have fun.
Message: Posted by: mickey.w (Jan 16, 2011 12:22PM)
I has already been done by a number of people; there has been a prodcut called ideck which is a deck of cards with name of songs written on the deck.
I have also seen a magician in Hong Kong using a routine called "ideck" in local competitions.