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Topic: Slim-Line Close Up Case
Message: Posted by: Craig Krisulevicz (Jul 27, 2003 06:39PM)
Did anyone purchase this case from Hocus-Pocus? I read the huge post about the Lowe's case,and I was wondering if anyone thinks the Slim Line is better.

Message: Posted by: Brian Proctor (Aug 6, 2004 06:19AM)
In the year since this member has asked his question... no responses.

I am curious as well. I am tired of regular briefcases and all the other sorts of storage devices. I am wondering, when shut, will all my contents move around while walking around? Does it do a pretty good job of keeping things organized? I am a "neat-freak," I saw the pictures and thought this would be good for me.

How sturdy is it? I had someone break open my case briefcase that I currently use at a paid gig last weekend.

Another reason for me to get a slim line. :)
Message: Posted by: chrispa1 (Aug 11, 2004 08:02AM)
I have bought the Slim line and they actualy now have a streched Slim Line. I would buy it again if I needed one. Works great for everything I need.

Lots of space, looks great and packs well. WELL worth the $50.00 at most.

To answer the sturdy question. SO far it has been great for me, no problems at all. Looks heavy, It's lightweight, SO far, So good.

I did have a problem keeping my things from falling all over the place also.

When you get the Slim Line, it will come with a piece of foam inside, don't throw this away like I did. This is used for shipping, but it is ALSO used to lay ontop of your items inside.

This will keep things where they need to stay.
Message: Posted by: RiffClown (Aug 11, 2004 02:23PM)
I'm thinking about ordering [url=http://www.compgeeks.com/details.asp?invtid=VGA7615&cat=NBB]this one.[/url]
Message: Posted by: leefoley3 (Aug 29, 2004 07:24PM)
I use a black leather Doctor's bag. Got it from Brad Burt's. It is very sturdy and well made (metal reinforced corners, two internal zippered pockets that run the length of the bag and it locks!!). It does not have compartments as I'm sure you've guessed but it serves me very well. Granted it sucks as a performance surface!! :bwink:

Check Brad's site @ http://www.magicshop.com and have a look. They are expensive but worth every penny in my opinion. I have had mine for several years and have never had any regrets. I'll admit it took a little magic to get the wife to agree to the purchase but I cast a spell she could not resist and she fell for it!!

Just an idea. Good luck, there's a lot to choose from. BTW, if you have any questions I believe Brad will be happy to answer them for you.

I do not work for Brad nor do I receive any benefits whatsoever from recommending his services/business.

Message: Posted by: Daegs (Aug 30, 2004 07:04PM)
The "slim-line" from Malloy magic and hocus-pocus, is very very nice, however its also very very small.

You can probably stack two decks high at any point, but honestly it is a little cramped and I personally don't do any effects larger than a deck of cards or Jiggernaut.

Cups and balls, a card to box, ect couldn't fit in it.

It looks about 30% bigger in the photo's then what you get... the dimensions are pretty tiny.

I'm not saying this is a bad thing, if your show packs small then it is great, and because of the size it is very portable.

It has 4 rubber feet on one side to help it grip the table and not scratch, it locks, the compartments are somewhat adjustable and its easy to keep everything organized.

I'd say get it, but you might end up having to carry around a larger tote for other items, and just use this to work out of or carry when you are needing portability.
Message: Posted by: Daniel Faith (Sep 16, 2004 07:40PM)
You can get that same bag for only $100.
Check the following site.

Message: Posted by: algebraic (Sep 21, 2004 09:13AM)
Doug Malloy also makes a close-up case which allows all props to be stored in an upright position. It unfolds like a fishing tackle box and has moveable dividers. Larger items, such as a boxed bill tube by Viking, can be stored below.

This is a locking case with a sturdy thick plastic handle. I've not had any problems so far with its durability.This also has a larger storage capacity than the slim line version.
Message: Posted by: King Of Pop (Sep 28, 2004 03:22PM)
Check this one out: http://www.gigrig.com :)

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