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Topic: Lecture Tour
Message: Posted by: Cody Comet (Jan 28, 2011 03:42PM)

I just want to wish you good luck on the rest of your lecture tour! I saw you in Louisville earlier this week and I loved your lecture! I've seen plenty of good lectures, but there was some sort of different feeling about yours. I could sense that you've been there, done that and that you were sharing with us stories and advice from the trenches. Thanks for coming to The Ville and thanks for inspiring me and encouraging me to keep going!

Cody Comet
Message: Posted by: imgic (Jan 28, 2011 05:40PM)

Would it be possible to list the dates and locations of your lecture tour? Did a search and didn't see a complete list anywhere. Would be great to know wheter to see you! Thanks
Message: Posted by: Jordan Frizzell (Jan 28, 2011 06:25PM)
Hey imgic,

Here is a list of locations Kozmo posted on this thread: http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=395275&forum=31

1/25/2011- Louisville, ky-
1/26/2011- Magi Fest- Columbus OH-
1/31/2011 - Atlanta, GA -
2/1/2011 - Greenville, SC
2/2/2011- Wilmington NC
2/3/2011 - Sarasota, FL
2/07/2011 - Lakeland, FL
2/8/2011 - Fort Myers, Fl
2/10/2011- Miami
Message: Posted by: tom crecelius (Jan 28, 2011 07:49PM)
Great Lecture in Louisville, Ky. Koz, have a blast in Columbus at Magifest.
Check out Mark Mason he is a absolute wiz at gathering and keeping a crowd,
kinda like you, my good man !!!
Message: Posted by: Kozmo (Jan 28, 2011 08:06PM)