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Topic: Please Help?
Message: Posted by: Bob1Dog (Jan 31, 2011 10:03PM)

I'll admit to not having perused this forum and I'm not familiar with Gospel magic, but I'm a Christian who recently had to place my 89-year-old mother in a Christian nursing home. It's a small place with only 50 or so beds and many of the residents are elderly and in various stages of dimentia. Yet there are others with less dementia and more physical disabilities, like my mother. I want to do some magic for residebts and the staff is thrilled that I will do it for free; they have little money to play with. I plan on a thirty five to forty five minute show but I would like to use some gospel magic with one or two effects. I'm seeking your support, assistance and advice. I've performed for seniors before (I love them), including my mom. She loves my magic! Bet you couldn't figure that out. :)

First, I would like to use a fire book. I have a new one I purchased from Abbotts a few months back just because I had to have one, but still haven't used it. I think it's perfect for a Gospel theme but I'm simply not versed. It needn't be a lengthy routine, just a short minute or two.

I'd appreciate your thoughts and/or direction. Some of you will urge me to seek information from books etc, but I don't have time. I'll be performing in a few weeks and I don't have time for research. And I plan on doing more for them, increasingly adding more gospel as I go.

I also plan to use fire in my dove pan routine where I'll produce a pan full of candy for the residents.

Some of the other effect I'm contemplating are: (in no particular order yet)

Sucker Die box

Mis Made Flag with Change Bag

Vanishing Bandana

Lota Bowl running gag using volunteer to guard bowl

Silks Blendo with a large Niffen Tube

Magic Teapot (not sure yet but likely)

Milk Pitcher vanish milk to a newspaper cone

Multum in Parvo (with milk left from milk pitcher)

Pom Pom pole (maybe)

Six Card Repeat (maybe)

This will probably evolve over the next couple of weeks to fine tune and get the time down. But a few gospel hints would be greatly appreciated, especially with the fire book. Thanks folks! Best, Bob
Message: Posted by: MagicBus (Feb 1, 2011 07:46AM)
You could check out the "Index to http://www.ChristianMagician.org" heading below on "The Good News" section of The Magic Café' which has a list of Gospel magic effects that appeared in this free online video series. This list is added to every six months or so as we continue to produce more programs- our next filming date is March 16. I think you'll see some of the effects listed or effects close to those listed that could be modified. On More Than Magic #1, at the 23:38 mark, MagicBob does a "tomb" die box- but you'd probably have to cover up the your sides of the die or dice with paper and place instead on it the words that MagicBob used for example. Many Gospel magic tricks are made more effective by modifying the props slightly to fit what is desired to be taught. If that is not possible, then I'd suggest doing a "straight" magic show closed out by your own personal testimony with Scripture references and encouragement to the seniors listening.
Message: Posted by: Ed_Millis (Feb 1, 2011 08:09AM)
I did a show for a "long-term care" facility. One dear lady was very helpful and interactive and responsive - but about halfway through the trick, I realized that whomever she was responding to in her mind, it wasn't me!!

Stick with humor. Avoid things that require helpers to come up front. Avoid routines that require long or deep logical processes. Don't base the success of your routines on them being able to physically help you, beyond perhaps holding things for a short period of time.

Personally, I would check with the facility before you used fire in any fashion. First, it may be against their safety codes. Second, the residents may not react well. At this point, the residents are feeling a bit helpless, and may tend to react more on an emotional level than logical processes (not just because they're old, but because they're no longer in situations that require them to rapidly process life and make decisions). Fire can hit them at an elemental level, past the logical process of "it's just a trick", and generate an adverse reaction.

The candy likewise - check with the facility.

Just my thoughts, and worth everything you spent on them!!