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Topic: Inconsistency in iPhone apps
Message: Posted by: KeirRoyale (Feb 4, 2011 12:14PM)
To all the app designers out there a simple suggestion... What if you were all to collaborate and use the same methods for playing card programming on the users end. In other words make it standard to use CHSD order and then the same type of grid pattern etc to determine the card value.

For instance I have recently purchased iPredict and Magic Scan. And while iPredict offers the opportunity to arrange the card suits in any order you want, Magic Scan does not. And since I have already been using iPredict with the CHSD order I don't want to change it to match Magic Scan. Also, both apps use a grid pattern to determine the card value but they are laid out totally differently. Additionally I have other apps that again have different sequences. ie: some used CHSD, some don't. Some start at the top and go counter clockwise and some start at the 3 o'clock position and go counter clockwise.

Can someone in the "Biz" help develop a standard so that future apps will be developed more uniformly?

Best regards,


Message: Posted by: yachanin (Feb 4, 2011 04:14PM)
Hi Keir,

Some standardization would certainly be helpful when going from one app to another (not unlike the standardization of keyboard shortcut commands in different computer programs - e.g., ctrl-C, ctrl-X, ctrl-V, etc.). I don't know how the apps are made and there may be some good reasons why the differences exist, but I agree with your point.

Any app developers out there who can shed some additional light on the subject?

Regards, Steve
Message: Posted by: Greg Rostami (Feb 5, 2011 01:49AM)
Hi Keir,

When Rostami Magic sets out to create a magic app, one of our highest priorities is customizability.

The current version of iPredict can still use even more customizability that we'll introduce in the future.

I never assume that my way is the right way . . . especially when it comes to things like CHSD vs SHCD.

The reason why I don't think a standard will ever be developed is simply because every developer thinks they can do it better then the other guy.

All I can say is I'm glad you've been able to adapt iPredict to what you're comfortable with. Hopefully other developers will follow your advice.

Adding the ability to customize is ALWAYS extra work for a developer . . . but I believe it's work that pays off when people like you make their app work the way THEY want.

Greg Rostami
Message: Posted by: Carl Andrews (Feb 5, 2011 10:20AM)
With "No Freakin' Way" you can customize the screens and the suit order!

Message: Posted by: KeirRoyale (Feb 6, 2011 10:10PM)
Thanks for your input everyone... especially to Greg as he is a developer. My suggestion would be that perhaps someone in the industry could take the initiative to poll other developers and ask which grid/sequence etc is the most popular and then publish a "standard" for others to follow. True (as Greg pointed out) some developers might never get on board but I if a standard was at least established than there would be that many more apps following that format. This would make apps more user friendly and thus more marketable.