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Topic: Print+Digital subscription now only $29.90
Message: Posted by: Chris (Feb 8, 2011 09:01AM)
The print+digital subscription can now be had for only $29.90 in the USA. The Magicseen issues will be bound in a lay-flat perfect binding unlike any other magic magazine. This means you will be able to open the magazine flat on the table while your hands hold a deck of cards or some other prop. Makes studying an effect or a new move much easier. Full color, large format, lay-flat, plus PDF for just $29.90 is the best magic magazine deal available today:

Message: Posted by: Martin.Lester (Feb 12, 2011 03:50PM)
Well it's a great deal .

Let me see if I have got this correct

If I live in the USA. I can get a years subscription to
Both the Digital and the printed version of a UK magazine
For just $29.50 (at today exchange rate =19.40)

But if I live in the UK to have the same deal
will cost me 43.00 ($65.36 !!!)

I wished I lived in the USA as in the UK
we can only dream that one day we might get
a good deal but I won't hold my breath! !