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Topic: I know you apps
Message: Posted by: mindgames (Feb 20, 2011 09:11AM)
Check a new app call "I know you" just got it yesterday and its really good. basically the effect let you guess a phone number that the spectator think.
I don't want to say a lot here, but its good and its very subtle. pass the wife test!
Message: Posted by: jassu (Feb 20, 2011 09:51AM)
Do you have a Link ? Okay, got it:

Message: Posted by: jassu (Feb 21, 2011 07:53AM)
Why this require an Internet Connection ?
Message: Posted by: mindgames (Feb 21, 2011 02:01PM)
Its not. buy it then you know.
Message: Posted by: jassu (Feb 21, 2011 02:06PM)
Have buy it,very amazing trick, also the Firestarter Trick have Buy,genius. If you know other Undetectable Tricks,Please let me Know.
Message: Posted by: MAOmagic (Feb 21, 2011 04:34PM)
This app is ok. But disappointed. They way it is presented in the video is different than how you actually have to preform it. Also, it supports the 4th gen iPod touch but... why. You can't use it because it shows an iPhone call screen. So to me, it's useless. Also, the artwork is a bit low resolution. It won't look as clear on any current gen iPhone/iPod.

That said! The principle and production are well done. The video is nicely edited and the instructions are clearly laid out. I really like the idea behind the effect and think this could lead to a lot more usefull/universal effect.