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Topic: Removing anodized finish on aluminum?
Message: Posted by: fortasse (Mar 1, 2011 12:47PM)
How easy is this to remove (i.e to return the aluminum to its basic shiny silvery look)? And does removing the anodized finish expose the aluminum to any pitting or structural problems?

Message: Posted by: lint (Mar 1, 2011 01:23PM)
I believe it can be burned off. I recall a friend of mine torching a blue anodized part for a muffler install a long time ago. He didn't like the color. He cleaned it thoroughly then hit it with a propane torch for about 10 min. Then let it cool on it's own. Removed all the anodizing and looked just like a normal aluminum part after that.
Message: Posted by: BCS (Mar 1, 2011 02:21PM)
Fortasse… I don’t know if this would remove an anodized finish, but I have had good luck removing lacquer finish with this product… Rust-Oleum brand Aircraft Remover. The automotive store I purchased it from said it would remove just about anything.

I have not damaged any Cups with it other than a Chop Cup that I thought was copper… but turned out to have a finish that was painted on… long story.

Good luck,
Message: Posted by: fortasse (Mar 2, 2011 09:06AM)
Todd and Bruce : Thanks for your replies.