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Topic: Table or container for ditching props
Message: Posted by: Michael (Aug 3, 2003 10:29AM)
I am looking for some type of table or box without a top on it so I can drop props into it(keeping the props out of sight) after I perform an effect. Any suggestions?
Message: Posted by: Donny Orbit (Aug 9, 2003 05:41AM)
What you are looking for is called a servante and there are some excellent ones on the market.

Message: Posted by: Salazar Magic (Aug 10, 2003 11:40PM)
I use a folding clothes hamper
Message: Posted by: hokeypokey (Aug 25, 2003 06:39PM)
I read another thread where someone suggested a clothes pin bag (available at Walmart).
Message: Posted by: MagicalPirate (Aug 31, 2003 03:37PM)
I use an old baby bassinet. I found it set out in front of someone's house to be taken away with the refuse. The bassinet is on folding legs and came with a covering already on it so it has a professional appearance. I use it both for removing props from and dumping props into after I use them.

I previously had used a laundry basket that sat on a card table with a custom drape around it that covered the the basket and table. I had created custom holders in the laundry basket to hold the props I had yet to use. I still use the laundry basket as it sits perfectly inside the basinet.
Message: Posted by: DarryltheWizard (Oct 17, 2003 06:02PM)
Walmart has a folding barrel-shaped toy receptacle in the shape of a frog, tiger, elephant, etc. and sells for around $29 Canadian. It's great for ditching at kid shows.

For adult shows I took a plastic pool rack and sewed a black felt bag to it. I added an eight-inch piece of aluminum, velcro attached, piece to the side of the bag and I attach this to the top shelf of my suitcase table. It serves as a servante and a ditching bag as well.

Darryl the Wizard :thehat:
Message: Posted by: Brian Proctor (Oct 19, 2003 06:01PM)
Has anyone ever tried Dean Dill's pre-maid servante? It goes for 15 dollars on his site. I was trying to make one the other day. But to much frustration, I am almost about to just give in and pick his up. Should I? Or shall I keep trying to make my own?
Message: Posted by: K-Max (Dec 24, 2003 08:11AM)
Just get a big top hat and come in wearing it. Take it off and go about your normal show and now you have a nice place to dump your props.
Message: Posted by: Chout (Dec 28, 2003 02:27AM)
How about a firm backpack slightly unzipped at the top?
Or have a friend tag along and ask him to hold your stuff for you.