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Topic: an effect
Message: Posted by: lyndonwebb (Apr 22, 2002 01:53PM)
Has anyone ever come across the card effect "oil and queens" by roy walton. It uses the Hamman count. Well, I do that as an opener with Tarot as a sort of gamble with the reaper. I use three cards from the swords suit, two cards from pentacles and the Tower, the Devil , Death and Judgement. It has fantastic responses. Thought you might like to know. If you are unsure drop me a line and I wil post my whole routine.
Message: Posted by: Paul (Apr 23, 2002 09:06AM)
I think a lot will have heard of Roy's effect, a modern classic with lots of variations. I've published a few myself. Yours sounds interesting. Why not just post your patter presentation?

Paul Hallas
Message: Posted by: Alchemist (Apr 23, 2002 11:04PM)
I'll second Paul's suggestion, I'd like to hear your version of the routine if you don't mind posting it.

Message: Posted by: lyndonwebb (Apr 24, 2002 04:10PM)
I promise to post my script at the weekend, as I am a bit busy. :evilgrin:
Message: Posted by: Paul (Apr 25, 2002 07:36AM)
Look forward to it Lyndon. You might also like Peter Kane's Gypsey Curse/Hungarian Guessing Game or Paul Wilson's Gypsy Monte which is a combination of the patter from the first effect and the Color Monte effect.Tarot cards could be used.I think that is in his Knock 'em Dead notes and prob. on the video of the same name.

I had a version of Oil and Queens in "The Table Hopper's Source Book" called "The Pollution Trick."

Paul Hallas
Message: Posted by: lyndonwebb (May 6, 2002 02:23AM)
As luck would have it my evil twin came and stole my grimoire(it has all my scripts in it ), but it was recovered. If it is still wanted, give me a PM with e-mail and I will send it, it is quite long though.