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Topic: Question about Cash Out...
Message: Posted by: Kex (Mar 7, 2011 08:22AM)
In the demos the wallet used folds once... is it possible to use a tri-fold wallet with this effect or will it not allow the secret to work properly. Its not covered on the DVD and was wondering if anyone can lend some insight before I invest time in this one.

Message: Posted by: Kex (Mar 9, 2011 03:45PM)
No one???
Message: Posted by: Xcath1 (Mar 10, 2011 09:53AM)
I think you might be able to work our a variant using a trifold, but the instructions are written for a bifold.
Message: Posted by: Kex (Mar 14, 2011 10:20AM)
Yeah... just thinking it might hang up on the return. Those who have it will know what I mean.