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Topic: Changeabill, Millionaire, Lightning Switch???
Message: Posted by: Zauberer (Mar 9, 2011 08:32AM)
Good Morning,

I've been trying to find a bill switch that works for me. I've tried Visi-bill, the Kozlowski, EB 2.0, Hundy 500, Eugene's Last Dollar, etc. I'm looking for a routine that borrows a bill, and doesn't fold any smaller than 8ths. I've looked at Changeabill, Millionaire, and Lightning Switch as possibilities but only know what I've seen in the demos/performances. I don't own Lovick's "Switch" but I'm seriously considering it.

If you guys have any experiences with the above, or have any other ideas/suggestions I would appreciate it.

Message: Posted by: dduane (Mar 11, 2011 08:55AM)
At the risk of sounding like I work for Juan Pablo.... Those are all great switches. Why don't they work for you? One that you didn't mention is the Juan Hundred switch. It is designed however to use a pre-folded/creased bill. It is different in that it is a flash change with no apparent folding. You can do it with a borrowed bill, but you need to switch it out first for yours or practice a lot. There's the old: "Thanks!" (and put it in your pocket) Then take out yours, "Just kidding....". PM me if you want some suggestions that work for me.

Message: Posted by: Zauberer (Mar 14, 2011 05:22PM)
As for Juan Pablo, I like the switch but I didn't want to have a pre-folded/creased bill. I'll PM you for suggestions on the Pablo switch.
Message: Posted by: Mark R. Williams (Mar 16, 2011 05:44PM)
I am really surprised "Visi-Bill" did not work for you. It only folds to eights. "Skullcracker" is a very good effect only folding a bill in half for the transformation.

I HIGHLY recommend Lovick's book "Switch". If you can't find something in there that works for you, you need to do a different effect!:-)
Message: Posted by: Zauberer (Mar 17, 2011 05:14PM)
Don't get me wrong, I love Visi-Bill. The part I have a problem with is the clean-up after the change. I can't seem to get it smooth enough.
Message: Posted by: Mark R. Williams (Mar 17, 2011 06:16PM)
On 2011-03-17 18:14, Zauberer wrote:
Don't get me wrong, I love Visi-Bill. The part I have a problem with is the clean-up after the change. I can't seem to get it smooth enough.

With time it will get smooth, keep practicing, the clean up is best done while unfolding the changed bill, movement covers movement as it were. This is all possible with practice. It is actually easier with out the "magicians friend"...as with most ALL bill changes they can be done with AND without!!


Message: Posted by: Zauberer (Mar 17, 2011 09:31PM)
Thanks, Mark. I'll try it without the "magician's friend".
Message: Posted by: Zauberer (Mar 29, 2011 04:40PM)
I just started working with Changeabill. It's working quite nicely so far. I was able to pick up the s**p change fairly decent in a few minutes.
Message: Posted by: Scott Fridinger (Mar 31, 2011 02:30AM)
Switch has many folds like you are looking for. If you have the first volume of Reel Magic Magazine (Quarterly) he explains his version. There are others that are similar, I use Lovick's.
Message: Posted by: Zauberer (Apr 7, 2011 04:48AM)
I've got the first issue of Reel Magic on it's way so I can learn Lovick's. I'm still working on Changeabill, and really like not using a TT.

I still have not tried Millionaire or Lightning Switch, but with Lovick's and Berthalot's, I doubt I will need anything else.
Message: Posted by: Conus (Apr 10, 2011 11:18AM)
Changeabill is overlooked... lends itself to subtle uses.