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Topic: Tag O Magic, Ring Flight Revolution, & the Infinity Wallet
Message: Posted by: jonathandupree (Mar 21, 2011 10:23PM)
So I picked up Tag O Magic and it plays great for lay people. I also like all the extra bits with it. I am ordering a Ring Flight Revolution to replace my Pro Flight. Tag O MAgic will go on my ring flight revolution. This along with my infinity wallet . . . watch out! 3 great routines making a complete mini show with items I carry anyway ( a wallet and a set of keys! )

Always ready to perform some killer material now. I also make sure I have a pair of dice on me to do It's The Rules as well.
Message: Posted by: Mike Maturen (Apr 24, 2011 09:34PM)
I was looking at the "Tag-O-Magic". Just have to wait awhile, as I went a little crazy this month buying stuff...but I intend to pick it up. How have you found it to be? Have you used any of the "B Side" stuff? Another thread on the Café seemed to indicate that many owners don't use the B Side.
Message: Posted by: MeetMagicMike (Aug 8, 2011 08:43PM)
Cameron did a good job of packing a lot of magic into a small space. The extras are things you've probably done before (or thought about doing) but now you have all the revelations built into one organic prop*.

*Organic - In terms of magic, organic means something that looks ordinary AND that you would have with you or find in the area even if you weren't planning to do a magic trick. A pen is almost always organic, a bowling ball would be organic in a bowling alley.
Message: Posted by: Dr_J_Ayala (Aug 10, 2011 09:00AM)
I have been intending on getting Tag-O-Magic for some time, but I keep putting it off in favor of other things lately. I am not sure what it is about it that makes me do that because everything that I have gotten from Cameron I have loved and have been very happy with.

My question about the effet seems to come back to, "What else can be done with the tag itself, other than the rip, restoration and penetration?" This does not seem to be answered in the ad or the demo video (which looks great, in my opinion). Does the stuff on the 'B' side use the tag for any of those extra bits?
Message: Posted by: MeetMagicMike (Aug 11, 2011 09:27PM)
[quote]Does the stuff on the 'B' side use the tag for any of those extra bits?[/quote]

Ok. Imagine you use a classic method to force a number, word or some object. You then show that you had that item written on a piece of paper.

Wouldn't it be more convenient for you and perhaps more amazing to have that revelation actually printed on an ordinary object that you carry all the time?

That is the basic idea of the "B" side of Tag-O-Matic. These are all things you've probably seen before. It is simply convenient to have these revelations with you all the time. It's a nice bonus.

(If I remember correctly there are 4 or 5 revelations and one of them involves a web site).