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Topic: Red manipulation coins
Message: Posted by: markis (Mar 30, 2011 04:38PM)
Does anyone make these?
Message: Posted by: Levent (Mar 30, 2011 08:57PM)
Are you trying to make the coins look like red poker chips?

Message: Posted by: Michael J. Douglas (Mar 31, 2011 04:43AM)
I've seen colored coins (red, blue, yellow, and green) sold as sets for color-change effects, but it's been awhile. Frankly, though, I think red would be a terrible choice for coin work on stage; silver coins can be hard enough to see as it is. But if you're set in it, casino tokens can be found in a variety of colors. Good luck on your search!
Message: Posted by: Fábio DeRose (Mar 31, 2011 11:12AM)
You can just paint 'em with metallic spray ink.
Message: Posted by: markis (Apr 1, 2011 09:37AM)
Thanks, guys. I thought about spray painting one of my Norm coins, but didn't want to ruin it. My "grand" idea was to vanish my red Fantasio candle and end up with a red coin and go into a coin routine (Ponta -Sick). I think you're right, tho, Michael, red would be tough to see. Thanks again, and try again...
Message: Posted by: Michael J. Douglas (Apr 1, 2011 03:22PM)
If it were a shower of coins, that would work better than a single coin for manipulations. Especially if they fell into a bucket, so the audience could hear them. You could have several things, of various colors, that vanish throughout your act and transform into loads of coins. That would be really cool!
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Apr 1, 2011 10:30PM)
I believe do to colored stage lighting and/or poor lighting, noone could tell what color the coins are actually.

I once witnessed the vanishing milk pitcher. I later asked the performer why he used red liquid instead of milk. He said, "I did use Milk!"

I would imagine that there were red foot lights and it reflected on the pitcher, making the milk look like red liquid from my seating position.

I could not tell anything from the audience when Ron McMillian performed his famous Miser's Dream routine. Just some coins falling into the bucket.

Norm Nielsen told me once he had his silver coins gold plated. I could never tell/see the difference, while in performance, if they were gold or silver.

In the end not worth all the trouble, the way I see it, as no one else will. LOL
Message: Posted by: Alan Munro (Apr 2, 2011 01:58PM)
I've seen milled aluminum souvenir coins available in various colors. Maybe, one of the manufacturers has some factory seconds or unclaimed orders they could sell you.