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Topic: Can anybody tell me...
Message: Posted by: stuartle (Apr 2, 2011 12:42AM)
I've come across a Tenyo trick that I cant find any information on can any body help me? The trick is called Four Nightmares DX ( http://i1204.photobucket.com/albums/bb402/stuartle10/P30104.jpg )... Thank you, Stuart
Message: Posted by: magic patagonia (Apr 2, 2011 09:32AM)
Check this great performance I found:

Message: Posted by: Killertweety (Apr 2, 2011 10:23AM)
Well I was about to buy it when I came across a post on this website (do a search and you'll find it). It basically works with m*****s and isn't worth the 60 USD shops ask for it (it is still being sold by the way). I have a Hungarian Linking Ropes which is for a part the same trick so decided not to buy it for 60 USD :)
Message: Posted by: stuartle (Apr 2, 2011 02:40PM)
I don't have one to sell just interested in the trick itself.... STuart
Message: Posted by: stereo (Apr 2, 2011 05:25PM)
Do you know where this item is sold Killertweety ?
Message: Posted by: cyberdave03 (Apr 2, 2011 07:12PM)
Seo magic has it in their catalog (www.seomagic-usa.com), but it's temporarily out of stock (though they claim it will "be back soon".
Message: Posted by: stuartle (Apr 3, 2011 01:11AM)
Stereo you can purchase it here http://www.zauberzentrale.de/shop/Sparte+Partyzauberei/Four+Nightmares+oder+Des+Professor%27s+Alptraum+%28Tenyo%29.html this is where I came acoss it... Stuart
Message: Posted by: stereo (Apr 3, 2011 05:40AM)
Thank you for your help.
Message: Posted by: magic patagonia (Apr 3, 2011 10:04AM)
I have it and is very well done...I can't compare with other versions in the market because is the only one I have...

Instructions are a little bit hard to follow...I think this is why Seo Magic offer an instructional DVD made by themselves.