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Topic: Finding that
Message: Posted by: UNREAL (Aug 8, 2003 10:25AM)
I'm working on the routine "Head Trip" from Greg Wilson's ON THE SPOT. I have a problem finding that offbeat moment Greg talks about. I can never seem to toss the napkins over their head at the right moment. I've been successful only a few times. Can anyone give any pointers as to what to say or do or signals you get form the spectators as your cue to toss it? Any tips would be helpful.

Message: Posted by: therntier (Aug 9, 2003 04:32PM)
I admit, it is a feeling thing. It's either something you get right away or you have to work at it forever. I would try mimicking some of Greg’s patter with his hand motions. Try and put emphasis on the specs hands so they are looking there. Then toss it. It really is just a feeling sort of thing. Greg is a natural at it.

Sorry for the lack of advice. You may have to get caught a few times before you get it right.