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Topic: Dog Soldiers
Message: Posted by: Paul (Apr 24, 2002 10:33AM)
Has Dog Soldiers the new werewolf movie opened over in the USA yet?
Interested in what people think of it.
Opens in the UK on May 10th.

Message: Posted by: fingerjack (Apr 25, 2002 05:45AM)
Dog Soldiers has not opened here in the States, and there is no tentative release date. I am speculating it's going to go straight to video and DVD, only because it's not being hyped at all and I doubt they would release it around the same time as SPIDERMAN and STAR WARS EPISODE 2. A common ploy these days is to wait until they have their European sweep and then they remarket it for the US audience (ala Brotherhood of the Wolf, Iron Monkey, Legend of Drunken Master, etc.), Just a hunch. A shame because I am eager to see it. If anyone knows otherwise, please let me know!
Message: Posted by: Paul (Apr 25, 2002 07:52AM)
Interesting, I was under the impression it was a U.S. movie but it obviously isn't.

Maybe like with Brotherhood of The Wolf I'll be able to tell you how good it is first for a change :)

Iron Monkey and Legend of Drunken Master, never circulated in the U.K.

Message: Posted by: fingerjack (Apr 25, 2002 04:17PM)
Even more interesting! I think itís a British film, but I guess Iíll have to check. Oh, if you havenít seen Jackie Chanís LEGEND OF DRUNKEN MASTER (Any version will do), I highly recommend giving yourself a treat. Chan is an incredible artist and I think this movie defines his style and will remain one of, if not THE Greatest martial arts movie of all time. The last 20 minutes is some of the greatest movie magic Iíve ever seen. If you havenít seen it, check it out.

You into werewolf movies for some reason, Paul?
Message: Posted by: Paul (Apr 28, 2002 05:26PM)
Into good ones, of which there have been very few, lol.
I prefered the original Howling To American Werewolf in London, though both good. The Hammer one was interesting with Oliver Reed as was Company of Wolves and the recent Brotherhood of the Wolf (though there wasn't a real werewolf in that).

The one based on the Whitley Streiber book years back was intelligently plotted but the book was far better, the animals in the movie were so disappointing, looking just like regular wolves, in the book they are definitly different.

The Nicholsen "Wolf" has some witty dialogue but was really no more than an inflated tv movie, with awful make up effects because the money had been spent on the stars salaries.

Ginger Snaps was a bit too quirky, you just did not sympathise with any of the characters at all.

There have been some very enjoyable vampire movies, I just think the good old werewolf has been sold short. :)

I just like good movies full stop, they don't have to be horror. SF, action, thriller or comedy will do for me. As long as they are good!

Paul Hallas.
Message: Posted by: Paul (May 6, 2002 06:27AM)
It IS a British film, advertising it in TV here at the moment for a release next week. Newspaper critic reviews I've seen have been excellent.

Will post again when I've seen it.
Message: Posted by: Daniel Meadows (May 6, 2002 04:52PM)
Saw the preview today. I think I'll be taking a trip before the exam season starts, oh and then there will be Star Wars; who needs a degree anyway....
Message: Posted by: Mike Robbins (May 6, 2002 05:24PM)
Is there a web site for it?
Message: Posted by: Paul (May 14, 2002 03:12PM)
Don't know about a web site for it but I saw it yesterday. It's a good horror flick. Imagine "Assault on Precinct 13" but with 7ft werewolves and you will be close.

Not a big budget movie (it's a Brit film, we don't do big budget)but they make the most of what they've got. Good acting, good story. Those wolves are mean and there are no wimps in this movie. Someone's guts hanging out? Push 'em back in and superglue his flesh together!

I'd say there was some snappy dialogue but you might think it was a pun. I'd quote you my favourite line from the movie but it would only get censored here. :)

Hope it eventually reaches U.S. screens, it deserves to do well.

Message: Posted by: fingerjack (Jun 4, 2002 04:27AM)
It's official. Dog Soldiers will air on US TV on June 15th (Sci Fi channel) and is supposed to be out on video and DVD before the end of the year. A shame, it sounded like a good darkened theater movie.
Message: Posted by: Paul (Jun 16, 2002 05:53AM)
Hope you managed to catch it Fingerjack. A friend rang me from over there to tell me she enjoyed it, but she wished I'd told her how gory it was going to be she was having a late meal when it was on, lol.

I'm just surprised it could end up on the SF channel so soon. It deserved a US cinema release, but then, being a foreign movie probably had something to do with it.