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Topic: Would you sell all of your non-Tenyo magic to buy Tenyo magic?
Message: Posted by: Houdini103126 (Apr 23, 2011 09:52PM)
Lately, I've been seriously considering selling/trading the majority of my non-Tenyo magic collection to purchase Tenyo magic. The more I recollect about all of the time I've spent half enjoying non-Tenyo magic and loving Tenyo magic, the more appealing it sounds to sell-off my non-Tenyo magic.

Has anyone else done this? Tenyo magic is interesting because many Tenyo collectors aren't magicians at all. I find this to be incredibly interesting. So many non-Tenyo magic tricks take so much practice and time to learn, it can almost be a turn-off. You literally have to be a "magic geek" to get good at traditional magic tricks. I have some wonderful effects I don't think I could part with, but the majority of my non-Tenyo magic I could.

Furthermore, the Tenyo stuff seems to really hold its value. As Tenyo is a "toy", there is a collectible element to Tenyo magic. This holds true for some non-Tenyo magic as well, but not vast majority.

Are there any magicians heavy on Tenyo and light on non-Tenyo magic that would like to trade? I am happy to compile a list, I have top quality effects that I've either never used or used just a few times.

I'm also fascinated by illusion design, much more so than performing magic, which is one of the reasons I'm so addicted to Tenyo, some of the effects are brilliant!