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Topic: Silk from TT
Message: Posted by: koan (Aug 10, 2003 03:54AM)
I remember hearing about someone who had a silk in their TT and with a cut in the TT, they could pull it out producing the silk from their finger tips. Anyone know who I'm talking about?
Message: Posted by: Mago Mai (Aug 10, 2003 05:32AM)
His name is Rocco.

Mago Mai
Message: Posted by: Larry Davidson (Aug 10, 2003 07:15AM)
Hi Mago Mai. Rocco isn't the guy koan is seeking. Rocco is the "D'Lite" guy, and Jay Scott Berry is the guy with the s*** in the TT. I believe Jay calls it the Eclipse tip.

Larry D.
Message: Posted by: Stanyon (Aug 10, 2003 08:58AM)
Or you could go with the Steve Dusheck method, you know, the "Wonderbar" creator, and just cut out the *certain* area of your TT. This is probably where JSB got his idea from.

Cheers! ;)
Message: Posted by: Larry Davidson (Aug 10, 2003 09:48AM)
I never knew about the Duscheck idea. Thanks for the education.
Message: Posted by: koan (Aug 10, 2003 06:53PM)
Is there any other use of this gimmick or is it simply for producing silks from fingertips. Does Jay Scott Berry have a routine I could read about with this method?

Message: Posted by: Ty Argo (Aug 10, 2003 07:00PM)
Jay's Lecture notes, "Illusioneering 2003", has some great stuff with this gimmick along with many other fantastic pieces. Rocco does have his flip-tip which is, essentially, the same thing as the Eclipse gimmick. It can be used for much more than silk work, but I suggest you buy a few diamond cut silks if you do end up using this. For more, go to JSB's website, http://www.jayscottberry.com . He also has a DVD out on it called "Total Eclipse". Hocus-pocus sells it.

See here also:
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Aug 12, 2003 04:18PM)
I thought Paul Wilson did an effect at the last convention at the capital called "Tipless". For an audience of magicans, it was quite a good title becasue the effect actually DID use a TT, it's just that the TT didn't have a tip.

A very nice play on words. It had everybody wondering..."Well, if he's not using a TT, what the @#$% is he using?".
Message: Posted by: Mark Martinez (Aug 12, 2003 06:05PM)
Isn't a TT with out a tip called a Dye Tube? I would guess that's what Paul Wilson what using if he wasn't using a TT.
Message: Posted by: Ty Argo (Aug 12, 2003 06:12PM)
I just got out JSB's notes to check exactly what was in it on the eclipse gimmick. It has lots of pictures and descriptions of holds and steals (including some oringinal) for any tip. It then goes into silk and sponge ball work with the gimmick. A little later, it has a very cool, ungimmicked "21st Century Silks" using the Eclipse and diamond silks.

It also has great stuff on his variations on the Sanada gimmick and a silk fountain made with diamond silks. Very good notes overall.
Hope this helps.
Message: Posted by: R P Wilson (Aug 13, 2003 06:25AM)
Cutting the tip off a thumb tip allowed for some nice displays plus the TT could be handled in a very convincing way. So it's not really a Dye Tube but it is, if you see what I mean.

Plus it was cheaper...!
Message: Posted by: Robert Sixx (Aug 14, 2003 11:53PM)
Sorry that I can't remember who put them out, but years ago someone put out a color changing silk routine with a slit in the TT and there was another one called the Fliptip where the tip was cut almost all the way around so that it kind of hinged.

Hope this helps!
Message: Posted by: Vibono Magic (Aug 18, 2003 02:22AM)
Jay Scott Barry did a video some years ago with the eclips and his genessis gimmicks on them. there were several differtent rutines and applications using yhese gimmicks on the video, great material. The video was simply called close up.
Message: Posted by: zaubern (Sep 18, 2003 04:28AM)
Jay Scott Berry has a killer 20th century silks using his eclipse tip. You can do it literally inches from the spectator. Check out the Flip Tip too. It is made by D'lite. It is kind of like an eclipse but there is more you can do with it. I believe there is a video for it too.