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Topic: Pitching at a BOR
Message: Posted by: sethb (May 7, 2011 07:58PM)
Last night I tried something a little different -- selling magic tricks after a magic show (also known as "BOR" for "Back Of The Room").

A local magician was doing a kids' show at the local school, and I arranged with him to set up my pitch table in the back of the auditorium. He was the expert in doing kids' stage shows, while I was the expert in pitching close-up stuff. We agreed to split the pitch proceeds 70% for me and 30% for him.

This was a "win-win" for both of us because I paid nothing up front for the spot, and he would make extra money without doing any work. The announcement about "magic tricks for sale" was made at the beginning of the show and again at intermission.

After the show I had an immediate and enthusiatic tip of about 30 kids crowded around the pitch table, with the parents watching from behind. I put Willie the Magic Worm through his paces and was literally showered with $5 bills after the first demo. I then did the Svengali Pitch for the older kids and parents, and was greeted with another shower of $10 bills! I finished up with the Coin Slide for the kids that wanted another trick, and did very well with that, too.

I had to be at the school an hour before showtime to set up, then sat through the one-hour magic show (which was pretty good, BTW). But I then did about three hours' worth of normal pitch business in 30 minutes or less. Well worth my while, and of course no complaints from my 30% partner, either. Talk about working to a "targeted audience" ! But if I did it again, I think I would shoot for a 75/25 split if possible.

Anyway, it's definitely something for the pitch folks to think about . . . . SETH
Message: Posted by: DonDriver (May 7, 2011 09:37PM)
Thurston,Blackstone,Siegfrieg&Roy,Lance Burton,Stan Kramien and I'm sure lots more I don't know about have pitched magic at their show and have done very well doing it.

You can also do the pitch off the stage and have people go though the audience with the decks and worms or what ever and do the sales that way.Thats called " butchering the tip". Also a magic coloring book is good to pitch at magic shows.NOT the magic magic book but just a coloring book with magicians inside doing illisions for the small kids to color.You can get them for about $1.00 each.I have forgotten the name of the company that sells them.Maybe someone here knows the name.

Message: Posted by: DonDriver (May 7, 2011 10:08PM)
Oh,forgot...good going Seth !

Message: Posted by: Matthew W (May 7, 2011 10:15PM)
Lance Gifford sells the coloring books now, as well as the appearing wands. http://appearingwand.com

I got one from him today at a fair, its great. About 14x10, good artwork and has some easy tricks to learn in the back.
Message: Posted by: Kim (May 9, 2011 01:21PM)
Last year at the Virginia State fair they had a magician that would pitch various items before after during and after his show.
I can only remember two of his items.
One was the magic coloring book and the other pitch item was a picture of yourself with his snake.

I think his coloring book drew the most sales. (no pun intended).
Message: Posted by: Matthew W (May 9, 2011 02:40PM)
That was Lance Gifford.

I have been making up my own book of easy to do magic tricks, but the one he sells, is the best value for the price. It is a HUGE book
Message: Posted by: sethb (May 11, 2011 07:54AM)
[quote] On 2011-05-07, DonDriver wrote: Oh,forgot...good going Seth! [/quote]
Thank you, Don! It's much appreciated, especially coming from you.

But as I've often said before, you're the guy who taught me everything I know!! SETH
Message: Posted by: sideshowsam (May 11, 2011 08:32AM)
If you need the coloring books that Don is referring to please call Barb at Spotlight Graphics and ask her for the Magic Coloring Books they cost .48 a piece in lots of 250 the website is http://www.spotlightgraphics.com - tell Barb that Sam sent you...this place has awesome products!

Message: Posted by: James Munton (May 29, 2011 04:38PM)

I am not sure there is a huge demand for it from the magician's perspective.

Usually, I do the show and then the kids follow me to the BOR table and line up and buy the stuff. There is no need to demo anything. They just line up, give me the cash and I give them the stuff (I sell magic books). In fact, anything that slows down the line loses me sales since there isn't much time. Like you said, 30 minutes is the most you a going to have.

If it is a large audience, I usually ask a couple of the PTA moms to help me and they do it for free, so I don't see any advantage in paying someone 70%!!!

Sorry, I just don't see any advantage for the performer. Unless you find one who is just completely clueless about BOR.

Message: Posted by: sethb (May 29, 2011 05:06PM)
James -- I agree that you don't need to demo a magic book. But a Magic Worm is another matter, at least in my opinion.

I'm sure lots of magis do their own BOR's; I was just trying something out for a change of pace. I figured that if somebody didn't want the hassle of buying, transporting and storing inventory, this would be a good way for them to earn some extra bucks without doing any additional work. SETH
Message: Posted by: James Munton (May 29, 2011 05:19PM)
I am not saying it can't work, I am just thinking it is a tough sell to the magician.

What if you approached the school and offered to do this as a fundraiser at their family picnic, carnival or sports day? You could offer to give them 20% of your sales. Sorry if this has been suggested before.