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Topic: Terry Fator's Vegas Show
Message: Posted by: tacrowl (May 8, 2011 04:47PM)
Last week I visited Terry at the Mirage and caught his show. It was an incredible experience. If you haven't been to the theatre, it is gorgeous. From the huge painting above the lobby to the staging, signage and video screens that wrap across the stage, the theatre sets the tone for high expectations and Terry delivers. He has a new show this year and the crowd loved it - giving him a long standing ovation at the end.

Before the show, Terry had his assistant bring us back to his dressing room to chat and take some photos. He told me they are taping two DVD's this year. One will be released later in the year and a second will be taped during the Christmas season and released in late 2012. I'm looking forward to adding them to my collection.

In case you aren't already aware, he will be at VentHaven on July 15th for a special interview. Its a great chance to meet the stars and learn about the art. (Strong hint!)

Message: Posted by: olivertwist (May 8, 2011 05:16PM)
Thanks for the info, Tom. I just bought an airplane (Grumman AA-1) and if I can get my single-engine-land rating before then I may be there. If not then next year for sure.
Message: Posted by: Vegasvent (May 8, 2011 06:08PM)
Sorry I missed you while you were in Vegas. Yes, Terry's show is great. Jeff(DUNHAM)was here last night at Caesar's. Sorry you couldn't have stayed longer. We could have met-up at his show. Next time. Hopefully we'll all get together in Kentucky.
Message: Posted by: Bob Baker (May 8, 2011 08:45PM)
On 2011-05-08 18:16, olivertwist wrote:
Thanks for the info, Tom. I just bought an airplane (Grumman AA-1) and if I can get my single-engine-land rating before then I may be there. If not then next year for sure.

Your dedication to vent is extraordinary! But you didn't have to buy a plane to come to the ConVENTion. There are some commercial flights, ya know.

Message: Posted by: tacrowl (May 8, 2011 10:07PM)
Saw Jeff was going to be there but I had to get back to reality. I also missed the Pacman's fight Sat. night - would have loved to been there!

Having seen Terry before he made it big, then again at the VentHaven conVENTion in 2008, it was fun to experience his act in the Vegas setting. Made me think about how he packaged the show to fit the market. Definitely gave me some food for thought on staging.

Next time I head that way, we'll have to get together. Are you coming to Kentucky? I'm definitely there!

Message: Posted by: Vegasvent (May 15, 2011 09:26PM)
I am still hoping to make it this year. Should know in the next few weeks!?
Message: Posted by: Steve at The Dummy Shoppe (May 16, 2011 09:33AM)
Hey Duane,

I hope to get a chance to meet you this year as well. Its going to be a great time.


Message: Posted by: Vegasvent (May 16, 2011 10:14PM)
Fingers are crossed!!
Message: Posted by: stevezany (May 16, 2011 10:23PM)
I saw Terry's show in Vegas about a month ago. He had the audience eating out of the palm of his hand. They loved him. That was the second time I've seen him in the past couple of years and I was particularly impressed with how appreciative he is of his audiences.
Message: Posted by: MT (May 17, 2011 12:59AM)
Is Terry's new show 100% different than the show on his DVD or did he keep some of his old show?
Message: Posted by: Vegasvent (May 17, 2011 08:01PM)
There are elements of the old show. However, Terry likes to keep it fresh. He has added new characters to his lineup and has replaced most of his original figures with updated designs. New songs, and music. The show continues to have an exiting upbeat pace. You could see it every six months or so, and still be fully entertained. He also replaced his original assistant with his Wife.(joke)
Message: Posted by: MT (Jun 24, 2011 03:07AM)
Terry changed his Julius puppet to another one. I really liked the old one more.
Message: Posted by: Dash & Me (Jun 24, 2011 10:13PM)
He seems to change puppets a lot.

Message: Posted by: Howie Diddot (Jun 25, 2011 09:29AM)
I would say it is a good move, to have people come back to see the show again, you need to have a new and different shows to perform
Message: Posted by: Servante (Jun 25, 2011 10:36AM)
I'm guessing that he changes the puppets while retaining characters because he needs to have control over their appearance. You can't have everybody buying a puppet or figure off the shelf that is identical to what he uses, and then there's the whole licensing thing to deal with. He changed Winston almost immediately for one that was custom built. I've got a really nice Brose figure that everybody else has, too...just not everybody in my market. But I'm not internationally known as a ventriloquist.

Message: Posted by: Dash & Me (Jun 26, 2011 06:28PM)
Agreed Philip. I think I may have the same Brose figure. Although I have recently taken a Dremel tool to the little guy, and began alterations here and there to try and make him a little more unique. Hope I don't screw anything up, lol.

Message: Posted by: Mr. Pitts (Jun 26, 2011 08:20PM)
Yep, my Henry's a Brose figure too, and I feel the same way. I'm the only one in my area working with one and I think I altered him enough to give him a personality of his own. If by some bizarre and unexpected turn of events I became nationally known, I'd have a new version of him made, probably by Conrad Hartz. I might eventually do that anyway. I'd love a hand carved Hartz original.
Message: Posted by: Servante (Jun 26, 2011 08:44PM)
I've got a hand-carved Hartz, too. And the Brose...and a Lovik I re-worked into a wild old lady...and a Tater baby figure...and a grumpy old man. The Tater and the Brose are the risky ones insofar as their appearance, but I don't think anybody in this market has either one.

Message: Posted by: Servante (Jun 26, 2011 08:47PM)
My Brose was assembled by Glenn Rappold. He advertised it on ebay a few years back and I snatched it up. He's done quite a few of them that way. Reason I haven't taken a dremel tool to mine yet (I call him "Huck") is that Rappold did such a good job on him, I just can't bring myself to mess that up.

Message: Posted by: Dash & Me (Jun 28, 2011 09:13PM)
Mine is a Rappold also. I love the paint job. The only thing that bothered me were the pink dots for nostrils (and not really having any nostrils to begin with). I thought the left side of his nose looked meatier than the right side. That's where the dremel comes in. I started by carving out the nose a little & then I ended up squaring up the whole nose to give him a more "dashing" profile. I also got some of Mike's new realistic eyes to install. Still in progress.

Message: Posted by: Servante (Jun 28, 2011 11:24PM)
You're right, Troy. I probably don't want to mess up the paint job. Meanwhile, I did some major work on my Lovik and, after getting a really good tip from Clinton D., I'm gonna cut its neck down and change it from a drop-through to a ball and socket. 'Course, I did the paint job myself, and I have no compunction about messin' with my own paint job.

Message: Posted by: axtell (Jul 19, 2011 10:16AM)
Here is a video of Terry showing me his puppet collection he keeps in his dressing room. It's been fun to have so many puppets in his show over these few years, and we have plans for more to come.