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Topic: Un Gaffed/ Ungimmicked Invisible Deck
Message: Posted by: Sagar (May 16, 2011 11:29AM)
Hey guys, I'm trying to find the best ungimmicked invisible deck routine, i.e. with no "Rough/Smooth" arrangement. What would be your favorites?
I've found the following so far:

Singularity by Alvo Stockman:

Riding The Wave - Scott Robinson, Trapdoor by Steve Beam Issue 47 ( Invisible Deck-type effect with single face up prediction card)

Color Wave - Scott Robinson and Steve Beam (Steve Beam's variation on Riding The Wave to make in a Brainwave type effect - odd backed prediction card), Trapdoor Issue 47

Michael Close's Ungimmicked Invisible Deck Routine - Ultimate Workers Volume 1

Paul Harris - One and Only

Paul Harris - Invisible Rising Card - Art of Astonishment, Book 1

Any others that I may have missed?


Message: Posted by: warren (May 18, 2011 11:59AM)
8 card brainwave is good :)
Message: Posted by: Sagar (May 26, 2011 06:19AM)
Thanks, Warren!

Here's an updated list:

Singularity by Alvo Stockman:

Riding The Wave - Scott Robinson, Trapdoor by Steve Beam Issue 47 ( Invisible Deck-type effect with single face up prediction card)

Color Wave - Scott Robinson and Steve Beam (Steve Beam's variation on Riding The Wave to make in a Brainwave type effect - odd backed prediction card), Trapdoor Issue 47

Michael Close's Ungimmicked Invisible Deck Routine - Ultimate Workers Volume 1

Paul Harris - One and Only

Paul Harris - Invisible Rising Card - Art of Astonishment, Book 1

8 Card Brainwave - Nick Trost

Brainwave "My Way." - Michael Vincent, The Classic Magic of Michael Vincent

Message: Posted by: BigSmile (Mar 26, 2012 06:19AM)
I want to throw in this one (but I know it only from the ad, have not seen the content yet):
Message: Posted by: Alan Munro (Apr 5, 2012 02:38PM)
There are also mental selection routines. I use some of Joe Riding's techniques, which can be found on Mark Mason's Real World Magic DVD set. Eddie Fechter used some similar techniques, as did Karl Norman. I discussed this with Karl a number of years ago and his information was quite helpful.
Message: Posted by: Dr. JK (Apr 6, 2012 08:15PM)
Tidal Wave from Apocalypse (May 1983) by Ken Krenzel and Harry Lorayne.
Message: Posted by: zatara (Apr 11, 2012 09:05PM)
Stewart James had a version with a ungimmick deck, perfect to use as an out. Not sure which volume of the James File.
Message: Posted by: nathanernest (Apr 12, 2012 10:49PM)
As much as I like Michael Close's material (its FANTASTIC) I actually think his invisible deck routine is the worst effect in his series. I love his idea of using the stack but he performs a pass and I just don't think its covered as well as he suggests. So, You could go with the Michael Close method but work out your own sleight for getting the pass done OR..

Get a Boris Wild deck (not the bikini, the other popular one) and practice how quickly you can locate a card from a shuffled deck. If you are a card worker, reversing one card (perhaps under the spread, Lee Asher style) should be a piece of cake.

Or another thing has come to mind.

1. Palm a DB card
2. Spectator Shuffles deck (Boris Wild deck)
3. Take deck and load DB and force the DB card. Tell them not to look at the face (Duh!)
4. Flip over the pack and get them to insert the "chosen card" upside down into the pack
5. Ask a different spectator to guess what the chosen card was.
6. Proceed as above to reverse the card.

no idea if this would work. Just came into my head now
Message: Posted by: Kyle Elder (Jun 7, 2012 03:15PM)
When I was at IMX in Vegas last month I saw dani daortiz teach a clever ungimmicked version of the invisible deck I felt was very strong.
Message: Posted by: Mr. Mystoffelees (Jun 10, 2012 01:04PM)
Blackstone's card trick without a deck is a good one provided you work up a good routine...

Message: Posted by: link8822 (Jun 25, 2012 01:20PM)
I don't remember where I saw this, but there's a move called a "center reverse" (steranko's center reverse? please correct me if I'm wrong) This sleight alone could be used accomplish an ungimmicked invisible deck effect.
Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Jun 26, 2012 12:22AM)
Ortiz's routine at IMX was great. Unfortunately I didn't get his notes and wish I had. I'd like to do his version.
Message: Posted by: Frank Yuen (Jun 26, 2012 01:18PM)
I don't remember the name of the effect but I believe one of the first ungimmicked routines was in Ackerman's Here's My Card.
Message: Posted by: eetu (Aug 30, 2012 03:12AM)
I can think of two nice versions of this plot: Benjamin Earl demonstrates his take on the invisible deck without any gimmick, on his Past Midnight dvds ; and Mickael Vincent also has a nice version of it, which I really like (although it is more similar to a brainwave effect), with a very pure handling.
Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Aug 31, 2012 05:56PM)
ORTIZ routine is great, don't know how you can better it.

An ungimicked deck is on a table, you never touch it.

A card is named, spectator picks up deck and the named card is reversed.

No moves, no skill.
Message: Posted by: leolaurindo (Sep 3, 2012 04:45AM)
Dani DaOrtiz has one similar version (which I forget the name) in his DVD Utopia.
Message: Posted by: KarstenMeyerhoff (Jun 28, 2013 02:30PM)
This thread is little older, but this:


may be an interesting new take on the no-R/S-ID.
Message: Posted by: EZrhythm (Jul 7, 2013 03:09AM)
ODD by Marcus Eddie; http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/3480
Message: Posted by: Dr. JK (Jul 7, 2013 08:38AM)
It's not impromptu, but I thought of another one that fits the bill for an ungaffed/ungimmicked deck: Simon Aronson's "The Invisible Card" from [i]Try the Impossible[/i]. It's a great way to start with MD work, too!
Message: Posted by: Zack_Johnston (Jul 26, 2013 03:20PM)
My favorite is The Advocate by Daniel Madison. It is a full deck in*** and it has a wonderful invisible deck AND brainwave routine. It is abvailable on Ellusionist.
Message: Posted by: soleil (Oct 5, 2015 04:55AM)
What is the name of the one using a TT?
Message: Posted by: Shurikenstorm5 (Oct 29, 2015 03:18PM)
Phantom card work really well, they aren't really an invisible deck but they are strong and gives the image of a card flipping because of the spectator's imagination.
Message: Posted by: Jacob3 (Dec 4, 2015 12:54PM)
Unbound: Gimmickless Invisible Deck by Darryl Davis. This is one of the best DVDs I've ever bought
Message: Posted by: I.M.Wright (Dec 6, 2015 03:18PM)
[quote]On Dec 4, 2015, Jacob3 wrote:
Unbound: Gimmickless Invisible Deck by Darryl Davis. This is one of the best DVDs I've ever bought [/quote]
When you ask for no props it limits how clean you can hope for it to be. But still... This one is almost as clean as the standard gimmicked version.
Message: Posted by: TheMagicHacker (Jan 6, 2016 10:41AM)
I just got Unbound by Darryl Davis, and I agree with you guys. It is a great DVD, and though I haven't performed it yet, I really like it.
Message: Posted by: Kyoki_Sanitys_Eclipse (Feb 7, 2016 12:50AM)
I'm not to big of a fan of this effect, my protťgť is, but I like Paul's version
Message: Posted by: Forty Six & 2 (Apr 15, 2017 04:26AM)
Not totally un-gimmicked, and not exactly 'Invisible Deck', but Richard OSterlind's 'Richardwave' has served me very well. You can give the deck away at the conclusion of the routine, and the kicker at the ending really sells the impossibility and the 'cleanliness' of it all.
Message: Posted by: jacobsw (Apr 15, 2017 05:53AM)
Asi Wind has a great one in Chapter 1. It's semi-gimmicked, in that you do need a single odd-backed card prepared a certain way. But you start and end with an ungimmicked deck that the audience could inspect.
Message: Posted by: dsleasman (Apr 15, 2017 10:34PM)
I have been looking for this new "invisible deck killer" for ages, and I have found that most of them are very impractical as you must have a stack or some other weird thing. These are a couple things I have found:
Gone by Daniel Madison- Very good effect, only problem is some palming is involved and a gimmick is used in the original handling, but you could eliminate the gimmick by using the SAC move.

Kollosal Killer by Kenton Knepper- Not really with a deck, but it allows you to end pretty clean.

Overall, if you are in the right situation, I personally do not think you should discount the invisible deck. Just add some touches that you would not otherwise be able to do, such as Sankey's X deck or an idea I saw Joshua Jay use where that was the only card with a corner torn off. My point is, you should combine multiple subtleties together with the Invisible deck that you otherwise could not do with a normal deck or have a nice variety of stack tricks for the non-gimmick version.

Sorry for my incoherent ramblings.
Message: Posted by: Sanks (Jan 28, 2018 07:31PM)
Patrick Kun at the table lecture (Murphyís Magic) has a nice invisible deck idea which require only an ordinary deck of cards. Also has other effects.
Message: Posted by: Rjellinger (Jan 31, 2018 07:20AM)
Iíve been losing sleep over the version I saw Dani DaOrtiz perform last July when he was in Australia. It wasnít his imaginary deck taught in Utopia, although the presentation themes were the same. But instead of the imaginary deck method it really was just Ďname a cardí, and it was reversed in the deck that he was nowhere near.

Seriously. Iím losing sleep over this!
Message: Posted by: pedro95 (Jan 31, 2018 03:32PM)
Do you know where we could see the trick in a video ? Or can you discribe the more accurately you can what happened ?
Message: Posted by: Rjellinger (Feb 1, 2018 09:13AM)
Iím deepy suspicious of my own memory - especially since Dani makes a real point in his teaching about how what the spectator sees is not always what the spectator remembers - but Iíll try my best. Iíve searched high and low for video footage but to no avail.

He had been lecturing for 45 minutes or so, mostly at the table. And he hadnít explained anything as yet, just showing various tricks. He then launched into a fairy standard invisible deck routine. As he started the trick he got up from the table and walked in front of it. He pointed to a spectator, held up an invisible card, and asked the spectator what card it was - from memory it was the 7 of diamonds. This invisible card went into the invisible deck, again all quite standard. He then explained that the invisible deck contained the souls of the deck, walked back to the table holding the invisible cards aloft, and put that hand over the deck. If youíve seen his presentation of the Imaginary Deck from Utopia or his first penguin live lecture it was very much the same, only there was only ever one card named, and none of the other verbal method that makes Imaginary deck work was in Play. It really was just a named card. As far as I remember. Anyway, with the soul in the deck he then spread the cards in the table, and again, as far as I recall, his hands were completely empty l- it was really clean. And in the deck, the only face up card was the 7 of diamonds. I remember being particularly struck because it was a deck that heíd been using, and Iím fairly sure it was borrowed. I was also struck because all the cards were face down barring one face up, which immediately distinguished it from the classic invisible deck.

A day later at his masterclass I saw him do the same thing again with a different freely named card. This was definitely a borrowed deck because the back design was somewhat fancy.. It was the one trick he declined to teach, and the one trick I was desparate to learn! Obviously what he does and doesnít teach is absolutely his decision, and he was so kind and generous throughout the weekend, tipping huge amounts of material. But ***...

I have a few theories, none of which are completely satisfying. One is some form of pre-show or instant stooging. Dani is amazing when it comes to turning chosen cards into thought of cards with a bit of psychological misdirection. To my mind this seems most likely, and most in keeping with What I know of his style.

Another is that he got really lucky, and would have used the Imaginary Deck as an out if he needed to. Possibly a combination of these two elements would work. But Iím only speculating here!

Finally there could be elaborate switching at work with indexes and all sorts under the table. Having studied his Lap DVDs it seems possible, but not necessarily plausible.

Iíll just hold out hope that he releases it sometime, and Iíll be able to rest! Either that or if video of that performance crops up I might be able to see how faulty my memory is.
Message: Posted by: Rjellinger (Aug 6, 2018 05:11AM)
Okay well Iím excited to present my own take on this effect after mulling over a method for the past year or so :)

Message: Posted by: Maxyedid (Nov 25, 2019 03:04PM)
The DaOrtiz version is "simply" a verbal force of a card. You sure don't have a good memory 😀

The explanation is in his first Penguin Lecture, among other places 😀

Personally I don't feel it is as strong as the original one, but it fools magicians
Message: Posted by: Maxyedid (Nov 25, 2019 03:11PM)
The problem I have with some of the versions mentioned is that, although they are technically "ungimmmicked", they still need a special deck (or stacked deck) for it. So what's the point? You still need a separate deck to perform an inferior version of the effect. IMO only of course.

In regards to Unbound: it is not exactly an "Invisible Deck" routine. The ID (the original) is a PREDICTION type of effect. That card was openly turned over by the magician outside the time-frame of the performance. Now the card is revealed. In Unbound a spec is asked to look at the spread of cards and think of one. Then that same card appears turned over in deck. The turning over of the card happened "magically" and is part of the effect. So it's more a "magical" effect rather than a mental effect. IMO only of course.

SO -

The closest thing to an ungimmicked, unprepared, impromptu ID is Sam Wooding's "Impromptu Invisble Deck". It's available as a free PDF in Penguin Magic. Combine that with "1 in 52" by J. Carey (Sweet Something) and play with that. That's what I'm doing right now 😀
Message: Posted by: Maxyedid (Nov 25, 2019 03:14PM)
By the way - I have also seen J. Carpenter (on video) spread a deck of cards face up om the table and have a spec think of one. Then he shows that's the only card with a different color back. The cards are not stacked, no gimmicks, no R&S, and the method is very basic BUT the reaction was incredible.
Message: Posted by: countrymaven (Jan 12, 2021 11:10PM)
You must check out Bob Solari's ultimate brainwave, then let them inspect the deck. hehe.