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Topic: Nelson Hahne - Information?
Message: Posted by: Aaron Moring (May 19, 2011 05:19PM)
Hey everybody,
I have tried the google search, the magiccafe search, and many trips to libraries and magic shops with little success, so I thought I would just ask here, too.

Does anyone know anything about Nelson Hahne (illustrator of Bobo's Modern Coin Magic and a TON of other stuff), ie. where he lived (He did a lot of work for Ireland Magic in Chicago; did he live in Chicago?), a complete bibliography of his works, information about his life/death, or really anything since the only thing I am coming up with is about a dozen books he illustrated and nothing more. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Message: Posted by: Kevin Connolly (May 19, 2011 07:12PM)
Try here.

Message: Posted by: hugmagic (May 19, 2011 07:58PM)
Chuck Romano wrote a very good book on all the illustrators in magic Tarbell, Hahne, Cleaver, Tony Dunn and many more. I can't recall the name off the top of my head but it is a good source.

Message: Posted by: Gerry Walkowski (May 21, 2011 05:15AM)
I always thought Hahe was one of magic's most gifted artists. While his drawings seem a bit dated now, to me they still capture the essence of the magic world.

Message: Posted by: foolsnobody (May 22, 2011 11:57PM)
A great pamphlet-type book (in my estimation) is Max Holden's "Programmes of Famous Magicians." Hahne did the illustrations for that. Terrific!
Message: Posted by: Aaron Moring (May 23, 2011 10:47AM)
Does anyone know of a library that would have the Chuck Romano book, by any chance? I am a little hesitant to drop $70 for one article, but it looks like it may come to that.
My wife is a graphic designer and loves his work and has started a small collection of booklets to frame. I would like to locate a piece of original artwork/inking to suprise her as well. Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions?
Message: Posted by: hugmagic (May 23, 2011 11:49AM)
I do not know of any libraries that would shelve this book. It is not of interest to the general population.

I would check with Ron Alessi, Mario Carranid, Martinka and other used magic dealers. Time to time, his work shows up. Mario may even have some of it.

Message: Posted by: darylrogers (May 23, 2011 05:14PM)
Richard, is the Chuck Romano book titled "The Art of Deception"?

Aaron, if that is the book, there are a few public libraries that own it. If you have a library card, you can ask your librarian to get it for you through interlibrary loan. Sugar Grove Public Library in Illinois is one library that is supposed to have a copy available for check-out. Whether it is actually still there or not, you would have to ask your librarian. Or call them yourself. Books like that have a way of "vanishing" off the shelf!
Message: Posted by: hugmagic (May 23, 2011 07:25PM)
Yes, that is the book. I am sorry that I have not had time to go look it up.

Message: Posted by: Aaron Moring (May 24, 2011 09:29AM)
Richard, Daryl, Kevin - Thank you so much for the help and direction.

I'm hopping off to the library this evening to put in a request. If gas was cheaper, I'd just about drive over there to keep from waiting...

This is what Magic Café is for. I appreciate it guys!

Message: Posted by: SimonG-97 (Jun 3, 2011 04:20PM)
I know this is kind of an old thread but no one mentioned Hahne is the name creditited to winged silver , in Bobos..............
Message: Posted by: Paul Budd (Mar 14, 2012 10:26PM)
Honestly, I was just very recently going through some old issue of The Linking Ring (late 90's - 2006 maybe)....there are a couple of huge write-ups scattered throughout about him in those.