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Topic: Hypnosis
Message: Posted by: James Munton (May 29, 2011 09:34AM)
I think Mark's hypnosis course is one of the very best on the subject. In fact, after watching the course, my very first gig was televised for a National Geographic television special. I used Mark's script virtually word-for-word!
They still show it from time to time - it is about alien abductions! It was a wonderful success and I give Mark's course a lot of the credit.

However, my third show was an absolute nightmare, so I suppose I should partially blame that on Mark. Although, it was mainly to do with the fact that the audience were all completely drunk and 90% of them were off to the side talking noisily at the bar. I asked the host to close the bar during the show, but she was the drunkest one there and completely ignored me.

Anyway, I suppose I should ask Mark a question... what was your worst hypnosis show experience?
Message: Posted by: *Mark Lewis* (May 29, 2011 02:52PM)
I shall get around to you eventually, James. I am too tired out now because of your encouragement to other people to post all over the place. In the meantime I shall try and remember my "worst hypnosis experience". In fact I think I remember it now. Naturally it involved a bunch of extremely drunk Australians. Too much alcohol is usually the cause of most disasters. And when Australians get drunk they are even more horrific than usual. Ask Destiny.
Message: Posted by: *Mark Lewis* (May 29, 2011 09:29PM)
I promised to get around to James. I think it would be more useful for me to advise on situations like this rather than to tell stories of my own disasters. Alcohol is often the cause of sub par shows. A little alcohol helps. Too much of it hinders. I suppose the best you can do is to sort the matter out with the booker beforehand. A little discussion about these matters can go a long way. And don't go on too late at night. That is an invitation to disaster. Tell the booker that if the audience gets too well oiled it will spoil the show and their money will be wasted.

I am happy to tell you what I do not only if the audience is drunk but also when volunteers are recalcitrant. This will not please 90% of the hypnotists on this forum but I have to live in the real world. I have been booked to entertain by whatever means possible and I have found this is the best means possible. Sure you can storm off the stage and refuse to perform but that is the way to at best bad feeling and at worst difficulty in getting paid.

I am sure as hell not going to stand up there for an hour struggling because of misplaced misgivings most stage hypnotist will have concerning my system. This is only used in emergencies and has got me out of trouble on quite a few occasions.

If I see that I am getting nowhere I then wake them all up and say something along the lines that there is something known as pyramiding hypnosis which means that hypnosis is easier to achieve when it is attempted a second time. I then give each person a card with wavy lines on and tell them to stare at it then I go into the induction. Miraculously this will get terrific subjects out of nowhere whereas moments before the subjects were pretty useless.

Now this is the bit the purists won't like. A few of those cards do not have wavy lines at all. Instead they have a message telling the silly buggers to play along with it. They always do. That way you save the show.

Now I realise there are disadvantages to this system. Stooges talk. But by then you will be well away from the venue with the money in your pocket. It isn't perfect but it is far better than standing there on stage looking like a right pillock for an hour. No thanks.

And oddly enough a strange thing happens when you ask people to be an instant stooge in this way. They often relax and go into REAL hypnosis however you define it! Many, many times I have done this and have been astonished that the subjects cannot remember having been given the cards even when I speak to them privately about it! No kidding. Really.

One other thing. I keep telling James this every time the subject comes up. I really think he gave up his hypnosis career too quickly. He should gird up his loins and try again. The first time I tried it I got perfect results. However the next 9 or 10 times I attempted it, I got no results whatsoever. However, I am a grafter (pitchman) and good grafters don't give up. I persevered and now get consistently good results 90 percent of the time. On the odd 10% of the time I use the system described above so the average is now 100%.

James should give it another go. The money is good. There. That should persuade him if nothing else does.
Message: Posted by: TonyB2009 (May 31, 2011 09:47AM)
Mark, that is the best bit of advice I have ever read on hypnosis. It should be posted to the hypnosis forum (then stand back and watch the feathers fly!).
Message: Posted by: *Mark Lewis* (May 31, 2011 02:27PM)
You can post it there and let them all scream at you instead. Danny Doyle has already screamed at me over it so will be looking for fresh blood. Besides I promised Steve that I would stay on this section and not wander around. So those of you who want to say negative things are quite safe from me providing you keep away from this section.
Message: Posted by: *Mark Lewis* (Jun 2, 2011 05:28PM)
I am actually talking about hypnosis on these two clips. Near the end of one and the beginning of the other.