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Topic: Miracle Dice
Message: Posted by: taklyt (May 29, 2011 11:39AM)
I'm currently searching for the origin of this trick where you put a number of dice in a long shaped box, give it a shake or two, and end up with the combination of your choice.
Does anyone who created this effect?
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (May 30, 2011 02:07PM)
It started off with a round box. I think the long box was a Tenyo idea. Maybe Hideo Kato could tell us about this. I think the round box was called "Eli's Dice Box."
Message: Posted by: taklyt (Jun 2, 2011 04:21AM)
Thank you for the answer!
Message: Posted by: Hideo Kato (Jun 2, 2011 04:46AM)
In Japan, we call it 'Flash Dice'. It was created by Takuya Yoshizawa who was one of executives of Tenyo Co.

Hideo Kato
Message: Posted by: BCS (Jun 3, 2011 12:44PM)
Are you speaking of the “Sure Shot Die Box?” ... from the description that is what it sounds like; if so I could check some old catalogs and see what I can find.

Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Jun 4, 2011 05:46PM)
The Sure Shot Dice Box is the round one. Its origins seem to be German. Perhaps Bartl.
Message: Posted by: BCS (Jun 4, 2011 08:03PM)
Bill, I believe you are right about the box being German. I remember reading some old catalogs from the early 50’s listing “German Made Metal Box.” I can’t find the catalog to quote exactly, too many moves in my life. I did find an old Tannen’s catalog from 1962 with it listed as “Sure Shot Die Box,” plastic for $1.50.

I purchased my 1st one around 1973, it was plastic and I paid around $2.50 for it. I wanted it to cheat at Monopoly. (It's really not practical for that. LOL), It was made by EZ-Magic of red plastic and had a thin lip that the top would rest on. I think that the plastic at that point split soon after I had it. I can still remember the wrist move to make all work.

Message: Posted by: Julie (Jun 4, 2011 09:08PM)
Eli's Die Box and the Sure Shot Dice Box employ two different methods for two different effects/handlings.

Eli's Dice Box is actually designed to be a "force" IF I recall correctly.

Can anyone clarify the above...?

Message: Posted by: taklyt (Jun 5, 2011 02:26AM)
Thank you for all your answers! I've checked and the version I was looking for is the "Flash Dice" from Tenyo. I'd love to learn more about the other boxes, though.
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Jun 5, 2011 05:23PM)
Julie -- I think you may be right. I think there was a version of the Sure Shot Dice Box that Conradi or Bartl put out, though. I'll have to look through my catalog.

There is a really interesting version of the "Flash Dice" that involves a cylinder rather than a box. I don't know if it was ever released as a single trick, but it came with one of the super close-up kits Tenyo issued.
Message: Posted by: Julie (Jun 7, 2011 03:54AM)
Here's what may be my final contribution to this particular topic:

I've been unable to locate a copy of the instructions for Eli's Dice Box, but I am relatively certain it was a ROUND container used to force a predetermined numerical total of the dice contained therein.

I do have actual SQUARE boxes and instructions for a "WANDMAN" THREE DICE IN BOX EFFECT (caps and quotation marks are copied from the top of the original instruction sheet).

I also have an instruction sheet "Issued by kind permission of Jack Avis and part of the 'after service' of 'KEN BROOKE's MAGIC PLACE' I45, Wardour Street, London. W.I." This is headed 'THE WANDMAN TRANSPOSITION'. As you might suspect this is a card counting/revelation routine.

The effect of the Wandman Box is that of the performer being able to predict/know the totals of three shakes of 3 dice. This is NOT a force as I remember Eli's Dice Box being, but I could be wrong about Eli's offering.

That's all I've got... :)

Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Jun 7, 2011 11:12AM)
I translated some German instructions for Eli's Dice Box about 15 years ago. I've seen these in hexagonal boxes as well as in round ones. I think these instructions came from Eckhardt Boettcher's Zauberbutike.

BTW, regarding the cylindrical version of the "Flash Dice" -- the cylinder is about 3 inches long and 7/8 inch in diameter. You roll it along a closeup mat and a window opens in the box to reveal several dice. You can predict the total. Basically, it's a more complex version of the "Flash Dice."
Message: Posted by: Julie (Jun 8, 2011 02:14AM)
I'll have a copy of the instructions for Eli's Dice Box in a couple of days and I'll report bacck...

Message: Posted by: Julie (Jun 9, 2011 11:29PM)
AH HA! I have a copy of the instruction sheet for ELI'S DICE BOX BY THAYER MANUFACTURING COMPANY at 334 South San Pedro Street in Los Angeles, California.

There's no date or credit given to the originator of the trick. There is a stamped # 1340 at the top center of the page. I don't know if that means anything.

According to this> Eli's round box is NOT just a forcing box as I had remembered--although it could be used as one--as could the square Wandman box I above mentioned.

Again, this handling of Eli's Dice Box features the performer quickly knowing the total of three "rolls" of 3 dice--most of the "rolling" is done out of his/her sight. You can also modify the "formula" for using 2 dice or just 1 die.

That's all folks! :)

Message: Posted by: Waters. (Jul 23, 2019 11:17PM)
Hey ladies and gents., I have just posted about my Elijah routine which utilizes the Eli’s Dice Box to a greater extent. It is a three phased routine that makes this much more than a stunt. It also does not utilize a prediction. More info is here: