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Topic: Adults and Kids
Message: Posted by: luke (Apr 26, 2002 06:16AM)
Perhaps a family restaurant is the most popular type of restaurant a magician performs in.

But consider performing for an adult restaurant afterwards. How would you change your sets and routines in accordance with the new audience? Would you use your standard chop cup routine or sponge ball routine? Do you have a whole new set?
Do you pull a tux and bow tie out of your briefcase to be dressed correctly for the occassion, while stuffing in your bright red suspenders and floppy clown shoes?

Although this may sound like an elementary question, how do you change your performance, dress standards, routines, and presentation to comply with the surroundings and why?

your's Magically

Message: Posted by: Peter Marucci (Apr 26, 2002 06:42AM)
First of all, I would never wear clown shoes (although I do admit to the red braces).
And, normally, I don't normally wear a tux when table hopping at an upscale venue (I don't want to look like a waiter!)
So any change in dress (no, I don't wear a dress, either!) would be unnecessary in my case.
Same with the act: I have a couple of bits that I use for youngsters who are with their family. But, ordinarily, I would do much the same act for both groups.
As for "standard" routines, I don't do anything in the "standard" manner, so it's not a problem.
So the only change would be a couple of minor tricks, and some of the patter that is specially designed for the younger set.

"The other night I was in a real family restaurant; there was a fight going on at every table." -- George Carlin.

Peter Marucci
Message: Posted by: Magique Hands (Apr 27, 2002 09:46PM)
The 'Uniform' that I wear for table-hopping, serves it's purpose quite well. Although my style of magic is laced with a touch of humor, most of my effects are of a serious nature (not BIZZARE mind you, just more on the serious edge vs the comdedy edge.)

I wear a black suit (by Jack Victor, which my tailor has added extra pockets and such), and either a black, crew neck T-shirt, or a dark purple crew-neck T-shirt, with a very dark purple pocket silk, casually stuffed into the breast pocket of the suit coat.

This 'uniform' if you will, covers the different atmospheres of restaurants that I perform in. It dresses up extrememly well, for the more formal types, and looks appropriate for the casual styles of restaurants.

I ALWAYS perform with my sleeves rolled to the elbows (something I learned from Brian Gillis). This 'look' or 'package' sets me apart from the wait and host staff.

This 'look' also helps set the stage for the guests to SEE that I am a magical entertainer, and that I am there to entertain them. I don't wear the black because it evokes 'mystery' and intrigue (although if the guests want to think so, that's fine), I wear the black because it is the best color to wear for nearly all occassions, and it's quite elegant, without being 'Black Tie'.

Please keep in mind, my 'look' is designed to co-inside with my performance style and personality. MUCH thought went into the choice of the clothes that I perform in. Everything I do with my magic, every gesture, every patter line, and even the
'uniform' has a specific purpose (even if the audience is un-aware of that purpose).

It all blends together, to make that
'entertainment' package.

Hope this helps with some of your questions.