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Topic: Source/supplier for Magic Kits
Message: Posted by: KeirRoyale (Jun 8, 2011 05:07PM)
Does anyone know where I can mail order these magic kits? My source seems to have run dry...



Message: Posted by: LVMagicAL (Jun 8, 2011 05:14PM)
Fantasma Magic imports them....but their minimum quantities are prohibitive. Try Michaels Craft Store. They sell them for $1 around the holidays. Also, you can order from Dollar Tree here: http://www.dollartree.com/Summer-Toys/Summer-Toys/box-of-magic-tricks/411c412c412p18681/index.pro?method=search Slightly different packaging, but essentially the same thing.

Hope this helps!

Message: Posted by: Mark Boody Illusionist (Jun 8, 2011 05:14PM)

I just saw these being sold in "Dollar Tree" store for just $1.00. I don't know if this is a nationwide chain, it is very popular here in New England. I hope this helps.

Message: Posted by: KeirRoyale (Jun 8, 2011 05:34PM)
Yeah I have been buying them at Michaels but they seem to have stopped carrying them here in Denver anyway. The link above is to a product that is similar but not quite the same one. I do see those kits listed in the link above at the local Dollar Stores though. If push comes to shove I will buy them but prefer the ones pictured in the link I posted.

Thanks to you both for your input though...
Message: Posted by: jskalon (Jun 9, 2011 12:28AM)
Try Kipp Brothers. I used to buy from them:
here is a link to the page:

Message: Posted by: Scott O. (Jun 9, 2011 09:27AM)
Wow, have the prices risen on those kits!! I stopped using them back in 2008. But at that time they sold for around $2.80 each.
Message: Posted by: Howie Diddot (Jun 13, 2011 09:21AM)
Try this link, it was sent to me by another Café member;

Message: Posted by: Mark Boody Illusionist (Jun 13, 2011 09:05PM)

Here is the link: http://www.dollartree.com

Just type in magic into the search bar. I think this is exactly what you are looking for.

Message: Posted by: Howie Diddot (Jun 30, 2011 08:01AM)
Does anyone else want to contribute to this vendor list?
Message: Posted by: EliTheIllusionist (Jun 30, 2011 12:39PM)
http://www.madhattermagicshop.com has some awesome wholesale items we have for BOR.