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Topic: Calling from google
Message: Posted by: philblackmore (Jun 9, 2011 06:58AM)
I've added my company details to lots of listings sites to try to improve the SEO. It seems to be working, but one of the side effects is sales calls from SEO companies.

Today's was interesting, it went something like this...

"hello I'm calling from google about improving your ranking with us"
"I'm sorry who are you? Are you really calling from google?"
"something sales company, on behalf of google"
"So you are not calling from google?"
"no if I was calling from google I'd be in California. An allocation has come up to put your company in first place with google."
"I'm not interested, goodbye"

I'd only just woken up when they called, I wish I'd been more awake so I could of kept the conversation going to hear the rest of his lies.
Pity I can't remember the company name he gave.
Message: Posted by: SpellbinderEntertainment (Jun 9, 2011 12:44PM)
These are tough times, and tough times call for both good and bogus companies to push their product or service, many are unpleasantly aggressive today.

It is also a hard cold fact that the more visible you are in the WWW, and we all want to be very visible on the WWW, the more emails and calls we'll be hassled with.

For me the crucial words are:
"Thank you, please have your manager permanently take me off all your calling and other lists now, goodbye."

If they have any ethics, or legal knowledge at all-- but you remain calm and polite this generally works.

It is just a "cost of doing business" these days and just factor some annoyance into your business day.

Best of luck, Walt