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Topic: How To Handle The Examinable Problem
Message: Posted by: Inert (Jun 14, 2011 01:02PM)
After years of performing Tenyo, the re-occuring problem of what is & isn't examinable solution finally hit me. I tell 'em the truth with a slight bend (illusionist's perogative right). I explain that some Japanese illusions are classics & are now irreplacable & long discontinued (not to be found anywhere). Further explaining how Tenyo retires certain illusions with the passage of time, I state that most spectators use force to test their theory on the item which results in broken illusions, therefore certain items are no longer passed out. You can even regale them with a tall tale of the loss of one of your fav tricks. The ones that are still available (& that can be examined, unspoken of course), are freely handed out. Finally, I state that now that they have tested some & failed to solve the illusion, they can see that they would fail also on the ones they cannot play with. In other words, I tell them there is nothing hidden. Whenever, someone asks to try one you are unable to hand out, just say that it is retired. They understand as it is all logical. From then on, no illusion's impact is diminished due to the inspection issue. By taking this long standing problem & turning it around, your skills as a performer actually increase in the eyes of the audience & your own personal show confidence heightens. This solution has never failed me. All is just accepted. Try it out folks, test the theory. Have Fun.