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Topic: MANNerisms
Message: Posted by: IAIN (Jun 18, 2011 07:59AM)
http://www.marketplaceofthemind.com/mannerisms.html being reviewed soon by Jheff...

"Love your new work "MANNerisms". It is a great leap forward in the use of this type of envelope." - Bob Cassidy

"it is devilish clever and it offers application opportunities above and beyond Iain's suggestions! " - Thomas, Paralabs

"The new envelope from the MANNerisms manuscript is diabolical for the right act and worth far more. - MentalistCreationLab

"Iain sent me the original idea years ago. I liked it then and I like it now. It's easy to make up and a very useful envelope to do a nice close up Q & A with... but, of course, you could make this up larger and do it on stage. Clever thinking!" - Greg Arce

"Great name, GREAT material. Well done, Iain! " - Ben Harris

What is it?
A gimmicked envelope that lets you perform a very clean Q&A, multiple design dupe, and various other mentalism effects

What size envelope?
Any, and at no point are dummy envelopes needed or used, nothing needs to be stolen away. No magnets, no dual reality, no stoogery of any kind. Just two envelopes of your choosing.

What else do I need?
Envelopes, a marker, scissors, scalpel, glue. Photos and step by step descriptions for both different gimmicks are included.

I originally wanted something for a close-up Q&A (by that I mean around a table, with half a dozen people or so). I want to be 'clean'. And these envelopes let me do that.

What they see
Every person gets a sheet of paper, on one half they write their name, on the other half, make a drawing or write a question. You produce two envelopes. They tear their sheet in half and fold both name and question up. You collect their names in the envelope with NAMES written on it, and pass round the envelope marked QUESTIONS on it and they pop their question slip inside.

You then take out a name, and focus intently...you then answer their question specifically. No CR, Barnums or anything else. You genuinely answer their question. you can even repeat their question too.

You do not need to hold a clipboard, or anything else. Just select a name, and answer the question. Nice and direct. Very easy to do.

what it can't do
it cannot be examined, though it can be freely displayed and shown around - the psychology behind the routines means that the participants handle all the important stuff. Nothing else is used in its construction, nothing alien to what an envelope or sticky label should contain or look like.

3 routines included
Quintych (design dupes)
The Wolf Test (based on something Wolf Messing used to do)

advanced handlings, tips, and thoughts. Ideas for other routines that you may well already perform. At the back is an email conversation between myself and Thomas from ParaLabs wher we discuss further applications and thoughts.

Gimmicked envelope construction, and a specially made sticky label gimmick that does the same job, but in a different way. Can be used for many other presentations too. neither take more than 5 minutes to make up, and the envelope is re-usable.


black and white photos, 39 pages or so, small booklet.
Message: Posted by: Amirá (Jun 18, 2011 08:03AM)
Thanks for all your work IAIN. First your AEIOU and now this. Al would be very proud :)
Message: Posted by: dmoses (Oct 29, 2011 05:34PM)
It's UF Grant meets Staples!

I've just read this and I really like it.
For those who are looking for a nice parlour Q&A this might do it!

Did Osterlind's Final Answer leave you with more questions? Did Cassidy's Hannusen's Proof leave you holding the bag?
Iain's MANNerisms could do the trick.

As soon as I started reading it though, my mind raced in the same direction as is discussed in the last pages of the manuscript--
I think that versions could be easily manufactured and make you some money, Iain!

Thanks, man. Great thinking!

Message: Posted by: IAIN (Oct 30, 2011 08:13AM)
Hello there...

thanks for the kind words, I have to admit, this is a favourite of mine, been using it in one way or another for the past five or so years...one envelope can last you a good half dozen performances before you'd want to make a fresh one...

dave - I use lulu.com to print myself nice colour circular stickers now...and I still love the fact you can make up your own stickers from standard everyday stuff from the local staples/rymans...i make up the theca motus envelope in small batches along with the sticker variant...

and it was a great pleasure to include the emails back and forth between me and thomas from paralabs too...thought that was a fun way of sharing a couple more ideas ...