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Topic: UK Outside Entertainers Beware.
Message: Posted by: Kondini (Aug 19, 2003 06:13PM)
HI this is a warning to any entertainers working the outdoor shows in the UK. Butlins Reds on Tour are offering their services free to show bookers.

Three Reds were caught trying to video my performance with a concealed video recorder,thanks to other entertainers who stopped them in mid stream they only got the first four minutes of the act.

Upon contacting Butlins head office they came back with the most feeble excuses they could think of, so beware there are Reds under the bed who are backed by their own bosses to steal anything they can, its a disgrace, no morals, no talent, no honesty.

Just a thought, had it not been for the swift action of fellow entertainers and disgusted members of the audience,I would not have been aware of anything at all.