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Topic: Sideshow Gathering
Message: Posted by: Slim Price (Aug 19, 2003 06:59PM)
Sideshows, the way we know them, extend back in time for a little more than one hundred years.

Some of the acts we do are ancient, with documentation as long as four thousand years ago.

As performers, we are part of that history, and share the responsibility of continuation. When I started, I had no idea I was touching history.

Few people in today’s society have the knowing chance to further an art form, gather data, maintain a solid base of memory of any event occurring in their own lives. I would ask all of you to look around, see what’s happening around you, and document it.

It is up to you to keep a candle burning! A unique event is just around the corner, “The Sideshow Gathering.” If you can make it, you could very well be a part of sideshow history, and at worse, have one hell of a good time in the midst of heroes, friends and peers.

Slim Price
Message: Posted by: Ellen Kotzin (Aug 31, 2003 04:56PM)
SLim, :exclaim:
Was that you in Shocked and Amazed of this recent publishing? I saw it at James' table at the gathering.

Message: Posted by: Slim Price (Aug 31, 2003 07:14PM)
I confess, that old prune is me! BTW, I'm playing with doing a fire act completely without torches...
Message: Posted by: Ellen Kotzin (Aug 31, 2003 08:38PM)
That's great. I didn't have the $20 to spend at the gathering, but I will get the magazine sometime soon. Can't wait to read!

Ellen :crazydude: