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Topic: needle through palm
Message: Posted by: jiggyjer (Aug 20, 2003 10:35PM)
I am aware that Blaine recently performed this stunt. I am also aware that many magicians who saw it claim that he is actually pushing a needle through his palm. I cannot comment on either as I never saw Blaine perfom this and don't care to speculate on his methods.

I am however researching an effect which I believe is called "acuPUNKture". Effect is pretty much as stated above, however it is definitely a trick. A version is mentioned breifly in one of Burgers books (Spirit Theatre I think), but is not named. Any info and leads on acuPUNKture are greatly appreciated.

J :genielamp:
Message: Posted by: Scott Xavier (Aug 24, 2003 02:59AM)
Why not do a pen through anything styled effect, minus the pen.