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Topic: New from rsvpmagic! "Jump" featuring Balloon Burst!
Message: Posted by: russ stevens (Jul 5, 2011 05:51PM)
Hello Everyone,

I thought you may be interested in seeing the trailer for our latest project "Jump" starring Shanghai based magician Frank Zheng.

It features an amazing brand new PK effect called Balloon Burst, that I guarantee will be in most performers working sets once they see just what stunning reactions it gets. Imagine having a stack of balloons which can all be examined (none are gimmicked), the spectator chooses one balloon (free choice, no force) and is given it to hold. The magician now moves his hands around the balloon very slowly and WITHOUT TOUCHING it, the balloon bursts on his command! The performers hands can be checked before and afterwards, no pins, sharp objects or chemicals! Almost instant reset too! The DVD features a lot more magic featuring cards and coins and runs at two hours.

Trailer is here:


This is what a few people that have seen the effect and method say about Balloon Burst:

"Wow! What a great addition to PK magic. A real fooler and I predict everyone's gonna be doing it..." MARK ELSDON

'The balloon burst is brilliant, a test conditions demonstration of PK which will go straight into the act.' MARC SPELMANN

"The balloon burst effect is now in my act.. It's so good I placed it into my strolling act as soon as I saw the method which usually never happens... bravo" ALAN RORRISON

"What a refreshing DVD. The balloon routine is oustanding!! The perfect piece for any performer - what a great way to get attention - I can see this being used in trade-shows, street, bars, restaurant work, and so much more. You could make a living doing close-up magic if you just performed these SEVEN KILLER routines. That's how fantastic this DVD is!!" PAUL ROMHANY

Message: Posted by: MagicBrent (Jul 6, 2011 12:20AM)
Sounds great. I owned some version several years ago that involved a c....... re...... Hope it's different. Gimmick vanished in thin air (pun intended) while it sat in my drawer!
Message: Posted by: trickster41uk (Jul 6, 2011 11:57AM)
Hi. it say's on your site that the coin routine - !CR uses a Todd Lasen coin gaff, I have a few lassen gaffs
could yo let us know what gaff is used please

Message: Posted by: russ stevens (Jul 6, 2011 06:26PM)
Hello trickster41uk,

I believe the gaff of Todd Lassen's is called 'Triple Threat". Here is the link: